My Mama's Story cont: 12-19

Sunday, December 18, 2011 10:25 PM, CST

written by Linda Koch
Sunday Late Edition

This post is after talking with my Dad a.k.a. Paul: Wow, what a change from yesterday! Dad said this is the best day she's had since they've been there. Mom a.k.a. Verna was pretty much asleep most of the day on Saturday and then today she got to take a shower (I bet that had to feel AWESOME!) She sat in the recliner over 3 hours today and was pretty much awake while sitting there! Mom was able to make the move up to the 6th Floor (Neurology)-Room # 659. She is making so many positive strides, we are reminded daily how luck we are to have her. My brother Mark was talking to her this morning and he told her to hurry and get better so they can play dominoes again and she told him I have a son that likes to play dominoes...well that would be my brother Mark. :o) I'm sure she will figure that out soon.Thanks for checking in with us! Tune in tomorrow for more news!

As my Sis says this is amazing and from getting a firsthand look I really do feel that she

is gonna make a strong comeback from this ,She seems a bit miserable but I believe that

has to do with her limited movement for the past three weeks due to arthritus in her back and neck hasn't made it any easier, We will see patience is our greatest virtue so taking it day by day