2 weeks after surgery

My mom, 58yrs old with history of high blood pressure, was sent to an emergency room about two weeks ago, found a 4mm aneurysm ruptured. She had clipping done and a VP Shunt. However, she can hardly open her eyes now, can't talk, and can't move her left side...

Is that normal? What might have happened? Will she able to recover over time??

Please help....


Hi Irene, I am in a very similar situation as you. My dad us 54 years old and had a brain aneurysm rupture 9 days ago. He had surgery the same day and they did the coiling procedure. He also suffered from a subarachnoid hemorrhage/stroke. I can’t answer any of your questions…I too am learning as the days go but just know you are not alone. I am sure we are having a lot of the same feelings. Not knowing these answers are so scary in itself. Prayers for your mom, you, and family!

Hi Molly, Thank you for your reply… How is your dad doing today? Hope he’s getting better everyday!!
I’ve been doing researches online try to find out the answers to my questions; Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct answer to the question… For the last two days, my mom is experiencing nausea and headache. I wish there’s something I can do to help her relieve the pain… Please let me know if your dad is getting any treatment that helps him recover sooner… thanks.

It seems this past week he hasn’t made any progress but also hasn’t got any worse. He too is suffering from headaches and back pain. The nurse said some of his pain may be physiological pain from being irritated/frustrated. He is having a very hard time. He is a very stubborn man and has been a police officer/police chief for 30 years so he isn’t use to being told what to do. They have him restrained because he tries to get up and leave and has been combative. He has drank all his life but all my life never seen him drunk. We worry some of his issues have been from alcohol withdraw. He isn’t in “bad” shape. He can move every body part, can stand with assistance…and we know someday he will walk again. His main area affected is his frontal love, social behavior and personality. It is very scary to think I may never get “my dad” back. Some days he doesn’t know who I am and that is the worst pain I have ever felt. The do CT scans every 2 days or so but nothing has changed on those or for neurologically. It seems time is standing still. I know he may never work again and that is hard for me to even accept because he is a workaholic and I can’t imagine how he will handle it. What makes our situation harder is him and my mom divorced 5 years ago and he remarried (I believe out of comfort) exactly 1 year to the day of his divorce date. My “step-mom” has never really been around. Never came to visit, never came to family get togethers. I think I have been around her a handful of times and never just the 2 of us. Everyone said she married for money and for a promotion…because my dad is her boss. She has just made this harder on us by blaming us for the aneurysm rupturing (“due to the stress we cause him”) and telling the doctors not to discuss things with me and my 2 sisters. She even put restrictions on my visits. We are taking it day by day and just praying for a full recovery.

How is your mom doing today? Has she made any improvements day to day? Right now my dad has a “brain drain” and they have talked about putting the shunt in. He is still in ICU and they think he will be there at least another week, he has to have the drain out before he can go to a med/surg floor.

Thank you for sharing Jim! :slight_smile:

Hey Molly, how are you doing today? Hopefully things are going better for you… After reading your reply, I could feel how exacusted you are… family support is very important at this point and it’s a shame that your step mother isn’t there for you. But you could get support from people here. People like me, going through what you’re going through and feeling your pain…

My mom has already had shunt in her brain. Now they’re planning to remove her feeding tube from her nose and inset one directly to her stomach. The doctor said it’s a very small surgery, but still, it’s an invasive surgery, my family and I are all scared to drill another hole into her body… She’s going to be move to surg floor by tomorrow.

Take good care of yourself Molly… This is only the beginning of your father’s recovery and he only has you.

hi ,irene my name is linda im 51 had a brain aneurysm jan 22 2010 been 10 months now .they told my family that i wouldnt make it was on a breathing machine feed tubes same thing burst had a sroke right side wasnt working was in intenseive care two weeks then went to a rehap floor for a week .went home with a walker .threw that aside a week later .just give her alot of support and love her its a very hard road my head hurts everyday have short term memory loss but im alive god bless her give her a hug for me and tell her she can do it .linda

wow yall need to get that wicked step mother to stepping ondown the lane…jealousy is green-eyed monster…i had a step mother who made my life w/my dad hell for 25 yrs…it was horrible…git rid of the ole bag…lol…good luck

I agree Michelle, I keep saying my dad needs to get better so he can find out everything she has put us through…he would have a fit!!!

Hey Irene! Things are going ok. I haven’t been able to see him in 2 days which is very frustrating. However, they put a new drain in and said now they believe he won’t need the shunt. Slowly but surely we are making progress. He had another CT scan and did a “doppler” test to check for vasospasms. I hope to get the results tomorrow when I go to see him!

I hope your moms surgery goes well. She has made it this far so we know she has an angel by her side. I will pray for you, her, and your family. I never knew how scary having a “sick” parent can be, especially being so young…my dad is only 54, I should have atleast another 20 years with him! :frowning: I am only 25…never would have even had a thought we would be going through this.

Keep in touch and I will talk to you soon! Much love, Molly