My aneurysm journey, God at my side

God is Good. He never leaves us nor forsakes us. God knows what he is doing. Families see the situation and dwell on it, allowing fear and worry to take over our minds. Your Mother is alive, so hold tight to her hands.
With my Brain-Aneurysm journey, I was alone at home. When I collapsed in the bathtub. I did not lose conciseness. God, got me out of the tub, and the ambulance took me to the hospital, which kept me for two days in the holding area of the Emergency. Discharged me with a bottle of Tylenol and a paper that stated migraine headache. God got me to the family I was a Nanny for their children in New Jersey, that was Wednesday night. Thursday morning I was in a coma before and after surgery for a month. All I remembered, was walking through a beautiful field of bright colored flowers, peace, and sunshine-filled. I loved where I was. I heard a voice said “go back” I looked around no one was there, it was repeated twice, still, I saw no one. My grandma shared I was on the other side. That is when I came back to life. A new life, where I had to learn to talk, walk, and remember family and friends around my bed. for another five months in hospital. I could hear everyone but could not speak. So, continue to speak to her, motivate, her, and assure her God is not ready for her. Do not be afraid because you and your family are awaiting her return. Amen


You are absolutely correct, and I am glad you are still here to share your. I experienced something similar when my annie ruptured. My daughter took me to the emergency room, i didn’t realize I was in and out of consciousness, until the stories she told me afterward. When we got to the emergency, I took it upon myself to walk into the emergency room alone while she parked the car… When I entered, everything was very bright and white, the floors were shiny, and I was the only patient there. I walked to the desk with dark sunglasses on because the light was painful. I was medevacked to another hospital. The lady in the helicopter with me had a voice like i never heard before, it was angelic, i can’t explain. By this time it was totally black, but I could hear her voice and I felt safe, warm, and a sense of comfort. I was rushed right into the operating room, and that was eight years ago. The road was not easy, and I still have deficits, but I’m still here. God is so good. Stay encouraged, and don’t give up.


By the way. How is everyone doing?

Special THANKS to you and " Karen_G-D" for these posts!! Many times I have attempted to post to this site but was never able to find out how to so, today I decided to read whatever I could and, perhaps, someone may post something similar and yours was the closest I could find!!! I am up and breathing again today so am extremely THANKFUL to our Lord. I don’t remember much of anything - total memory loss of 12+ years! Probably will not remember typing this by tomorrow BUT I AM VERY THANKFUL I was able to read it and am also extremely thankful that you are doing well. STAY THAT WAY!!!

You are more than welcome! If you can, have someone check and read the messages to you. God be with you today and always​:pray:t4::heart:

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