My Introduction

Hi Everyone! Well I want to start off by saying that I'm new here, but I've been poking around here for a few weeks, & I am in awe of all of you & what you have been through. This whole experience has been a whirlwind for me. One month ago yesterday, I saw a neurologist for chronic headaches which I had been having (it is a miracle that I even went, as I had not had a headache for several weeks & thought I was husband made me go, though, since I'd had the apointment scheduled for so long). The neurologist ordered an MRI, which I had that Friday. Monday, February 13th, the neurologist called & asked me to come in that day for the results, but assured me there was "no need to worry" - odd since, in my opinion, if there's no need to worry, everything's fine, & can't they tell you that on the phone? So I left work to discover that I have what may (or apparently may not) be an 8mm aneurysm. I had a CTA scan that came back inconclusive, & next week I am scheduled for my angiogram, which I'm not especially looking forward to. The good news is that my neurologist thinks I am (if it is actually an aneurysm) going to be a good candidate for coiling, so I'm happy about that; I'm just looking forward to getting everything behind me, though I know that one of the hardest parts will be that it's never really behind me.

I have so much going through my head, so many questions & so much I want to share, but I'm on my way to work & need to leave! I just wanted to say hello & thank everyone for your insight & your inspiration. Before last month, I knew almost nothing about brain aneurysms. This has been such an experience for me. I look forward to getting to talk with all of you :)

Hang on for the ride of your life !!! If you havent already begun to find out some of it will be bad and some of it good.Try to forget the bad and hang on so very tight to the good things and blessings.I have been fortunate to have one of the top neuro surgeons in the country.This site has been a blessing to me as i have recently found it and wish i would have had it back in 2001 and 2003 but seems like I'm about to begin another new journey as well.Personally for me God was the only reason Ive made it and then the family,loved ones and friends have been by my side every step of the way.Good Luck!

HI Mary and Welcome to BAF...!

It is natural to be scared and overwhelmed...when we first find out about our aneurysm in the brain...I feel it is an emotional roller coaster...BAF helps one not only to understand the journey...but the support is unbelieveable...

Have a beautiful day...Cyber~thoughts your way...~ Colleen

Hi Mary,

I join the others in welcoming you to BAF.

Please use this site to get information and to develop questions for your doctors so that you can be well informed for your next visit.

I pray that you will have competent caregivers and that God will be with you during this journey.


Hi Mary

Welcome I too found out the same as you … Told me to come in For the results nothing to worry about you could of knock me over with a feather when they told me grrrrr… Iv been waiting since early January iv seen 3 guys already the last one was on Tuesday last who has booked me in for aniograms on the 28 march it’s the waiting that’s doing my head in I’d sooner get it over with he said if it’s straight forward when he does the aniograms he will carry on and do the coiling then to but if I need a stent or other treatment he will do it the week after keep in touch and let me know how you go with yours .

Thanks Jimmy

Mary; hello and welcome;

You have a big decision; please have your hubby with you at each appointment; for added support and questions of the process.

When you have your angio, have your long list of questions with you...the artery, the segment, the options...we have gone up from clip or coil to now, you know which artery now?

Prayers are wrapped around you for these big decisions...


Jimmy, ask him, if a stent is needed, why you'd have to have a delay...if it is something else, I may understand why a delay is needed...i.e. to discuss with you, etc. Typically, a stent is only needed (and FDA approved) if an aneurysm being coiled, has a wide-neck. If something other than a wide-neck is a reason for a stent, ask him if it needs to have IRB approval...i.e. the reason needed for a delay.

Prayers for a successful angio and completion...


Thanks everyone for your welcomes & encouragement! I think a lot of my fear may be coming from my past perceptions/misconceptions about aneurysms? I have learned so much in the past few weeks & know now that there are so many great procedures they can do to help try to prevent a rupture. It's just knowing that there's a ticking timbomb in my brain everywhere I go...that's a wild thought. But I guess it's always good to remember that anything could happen to anyone at anytime regardless of what is or isn't in their brain so... It's just a really hard thing to come to terms with. I know I'm very lucky mine was found before a rupture. I'm twenty-six & a (trying-to-quit) smoker, so I know it would have only grown probably. If I didn't have those migraines last year & if I hadn't gone the neurologist that first time for the MRI... Anyway.

Pat, it's really funny you say that about a list of questions! I've been to two neurologists - the first was just for my headaches, then when the aneurysm/could-be aneurysm was found, he referred me to the neurovascular surgeon, who I saw last week. When I went to see him, I had a typed list of 15 questions, & at the end of the visit when he asked if I had any questions, I pulled that out of my bag...he was pretty surprised :) I'm not a good candidate for the Pipeline because of where mine is (top left of my brain..not sure which artery). And my husband is a great support & never complains even though this is basically all I've been able to talk about since finding out...he's scheduled off for all of my upcoming appointments & is so encouraging & supportive. I am a very lucky person. This ordeal, though it's just begun, is already starting to make me realize that.

Hi Mary and welcome to BAF, I hope you find all the support and information you need here, I had my SAH a year ago and have 2nd aneurysm awaiting coiling in the not too distant future so I understand how you are feeling it is indeed a roller coaster but I am sure you will feel much better once the procedure is done and you can move on with getting back to normal, take care and keep posting it is good to hear others experiences xxxxxxx

Hi Mary,

It's so good to read of your husband's involvement and how you were prepared with questions for the neurovascular surgeon. From your comments, it sounds like you got a positive response from him. This is very good news and your are blessed indeed.


Mary, great you had your questions...

I have been so attempting to generate...asking which artery / which segment...because then its location can be researched, i.e. which connecting arteries, which cranial nerves may be affected, which portion of which lobe(s) and/or ventricles may be affected, there are so many related areas in / near, by an aneurysm; then there is also the access to it; if coiled or clipped.

I assumed your hubby would be beside you; tho sometimes things can happen, from those being away on business or military and they cannot fly home for that next quick appointment.

Have yo uread the BAF general site? BAF has a set of brochures on Intro to BA/Treament; Endovascular Therapy, and Patient Guide to Recovery. So many of us have so many issues on recovery, whether ruptured or unruptured before treatment. Each of our overall health issues, the location/size/shape of the aneurysm, its access (arteries and/or thru the skull), and the experience level of neurospecialists and of any Residents in the process, all of these come together on the success of the treatment results and recovery.

Please keep us informed...

Wishes and prayers for your decisions and results...


Welcome to BAF Mary! If you are a candidate for coiling, you are a very fortunate person indeed, since it is a far less invasive and dangerous procedure than coiling. I thought that I was going to die, but when I met so many people on this site whose aneurysms had actually erupted and had strokes and whose lives were destroyed by that, I realised how fortunate and blessed I am, to have had a chance to have preventative surgery before it erupts. I had my coiling done 10 days ago and I'm doing fine.

All my best to you, stay strong, ask questions, there will alwys be someone here who will connect with you.


Hi Mary, you sound like you have an amazing attitude so you are already one step ahead;) I have a similar story, headaches- catscan, discovery and coiling. I am so blessed as well! The coiling went better than I ever imagined and 5 months later I feel great, and as it turns out am going to have a baby;) my neurosurgeon gave me the thumbs up for all activities and I am off all meds. Many prayers for you and your husband;) so nice to hear of your support system… And as an ex- smoker… Good luck with that;)

Hi Heather! Thank you for you encouragement :)

Well long story short...I posted a few blog posts, but I had an angiogram performed in mid-March, & it turns out that it wasn't an aneurysm after all, it is a cavernous angioma. So now my neurologist is taking the wait & see approach...they really only do surgery if the patient starts having uncontrolable seizures, severe hemmoraging, or frequent bleeds (with angiomas, small bleeds are common but don't always result in problems). So. Yeah. It's been crazy to say the least! I have another MRI later this year to look for changes, & will keep having MRI's for the rest of my life. Until then, I wait.

That's hard. I'm so impatient :) I'm glad everything is going well with you...I can't believe it has only been five months! Congratulations on your pregnancy! :)