My insert site still open?

Where they inserted the tube to put the pipeline in my groin has not closed up. Anyone else take a long time to heal? Yesterday it was itchy so I looked and noticed its still an open cut.

Hmm?? I don't think it should still be open your Doctor's office in the morning and ask ... just to be on safe side...~ Colleen

Hi Camille,

How long ago was the coiling/angio? Usually the site heals very quickly, and I'd definitely follow Colleen's advice and call your doctor to review it. Unsure if it is the same for everyone, but mine healed very rapidly both times and I didn't even notice it for the most part. If it is still not healed fully and causing discomfort/itching then you should definitely get them to check that everything is ok. It may of course be nothing, but always better on the side of caution!


Hi - I had issues after my angiogram in that my body rejected the Mynx closure device three days following the procedure. My incision was open for a total of 12 days. I did go see my Neurosurgeon who said as long as there was no discharge not to worry too much.