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My husband


On April 3rd of this year my husband was at work and he was working on a car. He came over to me and a coworker and said that something’s wrong I’m dizzy. We told him to sit down and 45 second later he stood back up and next thing we know another coworker came out and told us to get over there. We called 911. He knew everything he did and what was going on they took him to one hospital. That hospital got a ct scan and said you have bleeding on the brain we have no neurosergons. So they shipped him to another hospital. Friday morning at eight in the morning I get a call saying that they need to do a procedure I said “do what you have to do” at eleven o’clock I get another call saying that they have to do another procedure. I get to the hospital and they start surgery at 3:30and it ends at 8:00pm. When they went to fix the busted one they done a 2nd ct scan with dye and found a slow leaking one. So now he has a clip on his left side of temple with lots of headaches and that spot is sensitive to touch


Hi Stephanie...Your husband is early in his healing takes time and rest for the body and brain to heal...Many of us experience headaches after our surgery...and hopefully the Doctors can help him...

It can also be a long journey for the caretaker ... be sure you take time out for YOU along the way... Thoughts out to you both ~ Colleen


Hi Stephanie, yep it takes time as Colleen said. This is a good place to ask questions, or just to get understanding. Prayers to you and your husband on this journey.


Thank you. He’s in such a hurry to get back to work it’s frustrating


he wants to get back to work to feel normal again! but it is a very long journey!