After surgery, what have you gone through?

im just wondering if anyone after surgery has had numbness in arm and face??

Hi Debbie,

I have a little tingling feeling i three fingers on my left arm and once in awhile lips.


I am 8 weeks from surgery and have a numb sensation on my neck and chin where they had cut in order to cut off the carotid artery while performing the clipping. It seems to be improving, slowly. Then the same feeling around the head where the incision was. Have swelling on the left side that the doctor said would be there for months, not sure if it will every completely go away, but I find most do not notice.

thank you for your replies ken and margeret…my surgery was just a week ago,but the did not have to cut my head, they were able to do the coil for that im gratefull!! I wish for you to both continue to heal and the tingling and numbness goes away…with mine i was just scared with the numb. every once in a while was it normal since my head was not cut…i think it is though. i am thank god getting my left leg back from the stroke i had on the table…little by little

Hi, No I have not, just terrible headaches. Do you experience them??

OPPS I forgot, I did have nubness where they cut me on the head, but it is back to normal now.

The numbness does subside but it seems as if it takes forever. Mine ran from my face all the way down my arm as well as to right above my incision on my stomach. It stopped right above the incision and it lasted a little more than a year.

I also have numbness. Three fingers on my left hand stay numb all the time and have since my coiling on 12/23 (had the anny rupture on 12/22. Other problems are memory and I can’t deal with large crowds of people. I get over stimulated and get very frustrated because I can’t participate in large gatherings of family and/or friends. It’s going to get better I just know it is!!! Best wishes to you Debbi!

Hang in there, it all gets better it just takes time. Make sure you get lots of rest and try and remain as stress free as possible so the body can heal faster. There will be times where you feel you would have been better off not surviving, that is when you need to get some fresh air, take a walk if you can, drink plenty of water and rest. I also noticed that when I was eating healthier, I also felt so much better which works for almost everything in life. Rest is key along with plenty of water, I cannot stress that enough, that is how the body heals itself. Good luck and many blessings to all!

i was just reading this and i still get periodic numbness in my hands, arms, legs, and feet – only on my left side where I had my deficit after the aneurysm burst in 2008. they attribute it to atypical migraines. it doesnt usually stay and if i nap it goes away.

c’est la vie - right? atleast we’re alive.

I have some numbness in three of my fingers on my right hand and a little numbness on my head from the surgery, but that seems to be getting better.

I have numbness and tingling in two of my fingers on my left hand. Also, have issues with large crowds and too much noise going on around me. Having always been a “people person” and entertaining family and friends this has been really hard for me. Hoping this will get better but if it doesn’t I’m thankful for my life and the friends and family that love me and understand.

Hi Debbie, i am new to the Brain Ane site and was just searching to see if anyone have experienced what my sister is going through right now. I found this post .. from two years ago (smile). How are you doing now? my twin sister had the coiling done about 3 weeks ago and now experiencing numbness and tingling on her face. The drs ran test but couldnt find anything wrong.

Thanks and i pray that all is well with you.


My husband had the coiling procedure done 6/22/14 and has been experiencing what he describes as "pins & needles" that comes and goes in both his left and right arms. We are both so paranoid right now...we mentioned it to the Nurse Practitioner that saw him a couple of days ago and he didn't seem too worried however we haven't had a follow up with the neurologist yet. Just wondering if this is something we should be concerned about?

me too, I had numbness and it moves around my left side of body- left arm for one week and then it moves to shoulder for other week, something like that. Now it's been 4month after coiled my aneurysm, numbness is almost gone.