My Daughters Coiling is this Wed

Finially the time is almost here...My Daughter is So Stronge, i no all will be ok..Gotta have Faith! I need to stay Stronge...Wed. will be 1 of the hardest times 4 us..i no all will be ok..shes still my baby..;) Ill be ok when i see her in ICU..;) I Love Her So Much..!

Hi Ronda...Thanks for the update...will keep your daughter and all of you in my Thoughts and prayers...~ Cyber~hugs Colleen

Thank you, Colleen..hope all is going well for you & yours..hug..hugs, Ronda

hello Jo...Thank You so MUch...hope all is going well with you..hugs hugs..Ronda

Hi Rhonda, Praying now--i think you got it - to stay strong, this will help her to have courage, also i loved your "gotta have faith"- faith is the expectation of good things to come. i will pray for the guidance of the medical teams and for strength & fortitude for her and you & yours, please let her know -we are banding together in prayer for her and keep us posted- hang in there! your doing great being strong and confident!

Hang in there, be a sounding board for her. My mom kept saying how impressed she was with how strong I was and then the day before the surgery, I let loose in tears all over her. I'm so glad she was strong enough to be there for me when I needed it, and I know you will be for your daughter too. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow.


All the best for your daughter Ronda, faith is important and i'm sure you have lots of it.

You are such a good mother, may God Bless you and your daughter. xx

All of you are in my prayers today...esp your daughters...God Bless ... ~ Colleen