My crazy, wonderful hubby

My husband is going full steam into this site...he found t-shirts and all kinds of funny stuff on some web sites...and placed the link on my page....He is going to get me some..I will proudly wear them...I like the one.."Not tonight honey, I had a craniotomy"...long way from the excuse of many......and lots for awareness as well....

I pray everyone here has some sort of peace tonight. I am beginning to feel like I'm getting my moxie, I will lose it tomorrow...hope not. I want you all to know the REAL me, not the chicken little that I have been. I am a spiritual person, and full of humor, and the first one who can laugh at myself.

I was planning to go into massage therapy in Nov.....Not working as a nurse anymore I decided,,way to stressful and that I do NOT need anymore, but will keep my license.

Does not look like I will make it to my class in Nov...Lord willing then in Feb...61 and changing careers....I have been involved in holistic healing for about fifteen this would be fitting for me.

So many plans and dreams still. I have to come out of this just fine. I can deal with all of the pain and etc for as long as it takes to heal, for at least I will have my life for many more years to come I hope................................................

HAIR: What did you all do about your hair..?????????? I bought a wig..LOL...too funny, and a couple of turban like head covers.. I have always had bangs, so this will be weird.

my hair is mid length..I'm not cutting it till I see how it is when I get home....any ideas out there..????????????????????????????????????????? : )

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Smart , and i so wish i had left mine alone. I cut my shoulder length hair short and then my wonderful surgeon only took a slice of hair on both side of the incision. I have very thick hair. Anyways after surgery while staples were still in i just wore a small scarf to go out in, and i did not go out often, just short visits, and short walks, plus my eye was also swollen so that took a good month to tell it’s story and heal. My eye area and dent really took about a good year to get back to my normal, put i still know it is there, but it is nothing to what could have been. Ok back to hair, for me after surgery i just wanted my hair back, i just wanted my normal back, Took about a year to grow back, and i know have a new normal, I never did the wig thing, i would have just gone bald but that is me. You will figure it all out. Just take it a day at a time. Waiting for surgery is the hard part…keep your head up in faith…breath and find some giggles with love ones and eat some good food, get in game shape …


LOL!!! I want your hubby to team up with Cory & sell some of those T-Shirts on with proceeds going to the BAF!!! I don’t even have a husband & I would buy one!! Too funny! Like Jane, they only cut my hair about 1" each side of the incision (already short hair). I usually did bangs, still do & it covers a little dent I have. Keep the bangs, don’t cut the rest of the hair. They are only going to take off what they need to. I walked into my my regular doc office about 2 weeks after surgery with a ball cap on. The receptionist looked at me & said “Take that hat off! Wear that scar like a badge! You are alive!” I never wore the cap again!
(Now, I want a massage if I ever make it to TX!)
me :smiley:

Had my hair highlighted today. Looks very nice. I asked the hair dresser, “should we just not do this part?” She said, “No, enjoy ALL of your hair while you can.” Nice…My surgeon seems to take off MORE than some of you. I don’t know why, his protocol, I suppose…I’m determined to keep my hair. Silk scarfs, ball caps, wigs and bandanas…should do the trick…she trimmed my hair…so a tad shorter…we will see…just got to get that “annie” out A?? hugs to all