God is Very Good

God is Good Purleplume, you made it and you are still here. Continue to call unto God for your healing! He never leave us nor forsake us. So, know, He is covering you with good health and strength to kick all negative thoughts away. Claim and receive God’s healing powers racing you body to good health.

As a “30 yr” Brain-Aneurysm survivor. I know the divine power of Jesus Christ! My “death to life Brain-Aneurysm” was a journey of God’s love. The surgery was in the month of February 1990. My car accident was in July 1990! I was supposed to be dead. As shattered wind-screen glass went into my head on the opposite side of the Brain-Aneurysm. Saying that to say this. My head went through trauma and blood was literally pour from my head. I was rushed into surgery to remove the glass in my head and my right foot was placed in a crate of ice. I was hospitalized miraculously only for one week. Yes, suffered head-aches, severe back pains, and much discomfort in my head. But God just blessed my life with Divine Healing in a short period of time. So, gain the faith, trust and believe all healing is over you NOW!! God bless you and know that God is HEALING YOU RIGHT NOW. Amen.