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Murphy's Law continued: A silver lining

I feel like the title of this post could also be the title for an album. Thankfully, I continue to improve. Though my balance can still be shaky, and if I’m moving my vision doesn’t focus as well, but it’s leagues better than how it had been months ago. I’ve also recognized and accepted this experience will change my life. The impact has been too great for me to suggest I will go back to how I used to be; although it will be difficult, I will adjust and find a good perspective. Most importantly, I no longer have OCD symptoms which I used to experience before I got sick. I have been told there is precedent for a head injury to rid someone of having OCD symptoms. While most of this experience has been negative, it’s nice to think there have also been some positive aspects. I hope you are all well. Should you ever need my support, feel free to reach out. All the best.

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Stephen, Today is a day to celebrate! Try some yoga or Tai Chi for improving balance.

My mother is having physical therapy regarding balance issues, I really liked the exercises they given to her,it seems working , if your problem continues it may be helpful too…

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