Multiple aneurysm survivor

On July 2011 I had an MRI for an unrelated problem, only to find out I had multiple unruptured aneurysms. One large fusiform bilobed aneurysm and a smaller aneurysm on the left carotid artery...and three very small on the right carotid artery. I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Neil Martin at UCLA be my life saver. The aneurysms on the right side were clipped (three clips) via craniotomy. The remaining aneurysms on the right carotid artery are on the watch list. Prior to my surgery I came by this site and it gave me hope and peace of mind....for this.. I am profoundly grateful. Thank you to all the members.

I am partially blind after an extensive, complex 14 hour surgery, but to be living life fully and after such a sudden diagnosis, is a miracle of the highest order! :)

It is my turn to give back by being able to help those facing what I have gone through and to hopefully bring some much needed peace of mind and heart, before surgery or procedure.

Thank yoy for allowing me to share with you. Many Blessings.

hi Maya! Thank you for sharing- so happy to hear you got the annies successfuly clipped! Great idea to outline your journey so we can get to know one another, keeping you & yours in thoughts and prayers. i will call you triple m-- miracle multiple Maya!! hopefuly this will help me remember you!


Thank you so much for your reply and kindness....! It seems you are a miracle man with a great heart! It is quite amazing how through some of the harshest moments in life, we find comfort in the human spirit. I am happy to have joined the community! Thank you again for your kind words. :)

May you and your family celebrate one more Grand year in the spirit of Gratitude!

Many Blessings,


Hi Maya! It is a miracle that any of us are here to tell our stories, isn't it? Glad to hear you are on the mend , --I'm in southern California too and had my last clipping done at St. Joe's in Orange. They were awesome. take care and keep getting better and better!


Hi again and Welcome...that is what I have been doing on this site for 2 years...paying it forward...I learn so much from everyone...I am truly Blessed to have found this site ~ Colleen

Janet ...Thank you kindly for your reply!

I am so very glad you are doing well! It is a Blessing to know others with whom to share .. the joys and sorrows....each emotion is equally beneficial, when we face uncertainty.

It has been a year of great challenges, but today I feel as if the many miracles have been of monumental proportions! All else in the grand scheme of life.... is small in comparison.. ;)

A pleasure to know you and wish you continued healing light.

Many Blessings,


Thank you Colleen!

It is such a wonderful way to be able to pass on some courage and inner strength, to those facing what some of us have faced already and in my case...;) continue to face as time moves on. Thank you for your support and great warmth in welcoming me and new members.

I saw the site again....after I receive notice about Dr. Martin's seminar....He .... as you know is the Life changer and saver in my life...;) So very glad to be a part of such a kind and encouraging community of light-workers!

Many Blessings,