Clipping 16 years ago now have annie on renal artery

Any one else have annies somewhere else. Just found out I have one on my renal artery after having clipping 16 yrs ago.

Wow Robyn! I just read a bit on renal aneurysms and they’re quite rare. In the past I have read that odds increase on having other aneurysms, especially if you ruptured. (couldn’t find it today) but I think it was only with cerebral aneurysms. I haven’t seen any definitive explanation of why. I haven’t seen any studies that indicate a Cerebral Aneurysm can lead to Aneurysms in other places but everything is connected. Good luck!

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I went to a vascular doctor Monday and thank the Lord , we are just going to watch it for now. I will have ultrasound next march. they don’t think I will ever have an issue with this one. I was clipped for an annie 16 years ago before rupture. If its rare its gonna be me LOL

That’s very good news! In fact, you and the others who have survived brain surgery for over a decade and longer gives us hope!

Aww glad to be some encouragement. Yes it does get better as time goes on. Not to say I don’t fight anxiety from time to time but for the most part I live a pretty normal life. thanks again. robyn

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After everything else, I had a major bowel blockage due to the meds.
a scan of lower intestines showed there was an annie there too. So yes,
it happens, could have been the whole time. I don’t know.

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A bowel blockage is extremely serious, potentially life threatening. You have put in a good reminder to members. I’m glad you’re still with us!