MRIs & Get a Card When You Get Your PED

When I went for my MRI today at an imaging center, I put that I had a Pipeline Embolization Device (PED) implanted in the notes section on the clipboard paperwork when I first got there since there wasn't a checkbox for this... just one for aneurysm clips and stents. They asked me for my card from the surgeon which I'm guessing they forgot to give me in discharge from the hospital. I'm not sure of the name of the card, but they were very insistent that I give them this card. They actually wouldn't do the MRI until Hopkins faxed them paperwork about the PED and the surgery. Everything worked out okay, Hopkins really got the paperwork together quickly and luckily they were able to schedule it for this evening. BTW, the tech really helped me this time with the headaches during the MRI...she told me the trick is earplugs AND music -- and it really did help.

So the moral of my tale -- When you're getting the PED done, be sure to ask for this card.

Anyone know the name of it? I'm sure you guys have discussed this before...



Tara, I asked for the card at HOPKINS and they told me there was NO card. I will call Barbara. Why are you having an MRI?Denise

My secret to the MRI is thorzene and music. How did the MRI go? Were you scared? I feel scared for you. The metal..calm me down Tara.

Hi Tara,

It is just a piece of paper (mine is actually a photocopy) of the elements of the PED. The fact that it is MRI/MRA compatible and what it is made of. My NS gave it to me after my 6 week checkup and told me that I must carry it with me at all times. I have had several MRIs and MRAs since then, and have always been asked for a copy of my "card".

Please call your doctor and ask that he provide you with this. It will save a lot of aggravation on your part.



There is not only a card, but you should have been provided it after your surgery. I believe my NS told me that it is part of the "packaging" of the PED and that it was to be supplied to the patient so that there would never be a question regarding the PED's MRI compatibility.

Please call your NS again and ask for it. It's important!


Hi Tara,

I get the PED in Italy quite 3 years ago.

I did not get any card , I try to get more info from my doctor.

Take care,


I was given a card at Hopkins after my first PED and I was told to always carry it with me. But there are blank spaces on it that have never been filled out. No one has ever asked me for it and I did not get a second one, nor was there any mention of it when the second PED was inserted.


I received a paper card about the PED the next day with my discharge papers. It has the serial numbers of the implant (reference and lot number) , my name, birthday, number and address of ev3 Inc (maker of the pipeline). It also has information on it for the radiologists regarding MRI compatibility and the amount of Tesla that is approved for it. I was told to carry the card with me at all times. It has been helpful to have when needing an MRI at a hospital than is not familiar to the PED.

Tara I also asked for a card &was told I do not need one as the stent is fine for MRI I know this is Going to cause problems every time I need am MRI in th future.

Thanks, I think Barbara hates me at this point, she must be a very patient

I had an MRI because I have very bad pain on the left side of my head which Dr. Coon and 1/2 of his team thinks is unrelated the aneurysm because it is on the right side. They other half thought it might be referred pain. So I've been back in the doctor game. The latest is that a few doctors are actually in agreement that it might be Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia or Occipital Neuralgia . I had an MRI on my neck to see if anything is pressing on the nerve and causing the neuralgia and meet with a local neurosurgeon (I'm in Salisbury) to review the results sometime this week. My chiropractor was able to give me some relief last week and this past Friday... so we may be on to something. The MRI I had at Hopkins was horrifying, that machine was soooo loud! I wound up with a migraine that wouldn't go away for days and I was in the hospital where they were giving me the good stuff. This one wasn't as bad at Peninsula Imaging, I think the machine was newer or something -- it certainly wasn't as loud. Also, since I had my neck done, it was on the short side -- I think only around 15 minutes. When they did the MRI with contrast at Hopkins it took almost an hour, and my IV failed, dumping contrast dye into my left hand which is still numb -- plus it was my very first MRI and the narrowness of that tube can be pretty darn scary. So yeah, not as bad, and the earplugs and the music, and I pre-emptively took pain meds, knowing I'd be hurting.

Thanks for checking in with me, Denise! I'll see Dr. Coon in November for my angio, so I'll get my husband to badger them until they give me something in writing. haha

Thanks for the responses everyone! Do try to get the card or a write up from your surgeon's office. It will save a lot of time if you're getting an MRI done in a different place than you had your surgery.

Linda tell me more about the card. Where was your surgery?


My card is exactly as Michelle described. My surgery was on June 8, 2011 at Thomas Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience in Philadelphia. The neuro surgical team and in particular my surgeon, Dr. Pascal Jabbour were the first ones in this area (Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware) to perform the PED surgery. My surgery was just about 6 or 7 weeks after the PED became approved by the FDA. Also, Dr. Jabbour is one of the proctors for the PED and has performed and proctored many, many procedures across the country.

I did not receive a card after surgery; however, will check on that when I go back for my 6 month angiogram in Nov. I did order a medical alert bracelet identifying that I am on blood thinners.

I have posted the following on this threat and also on the Comment Wall of our Group regarding the "card" you are supposed to receive after PED implant:

Fellow PED Recipients:

A thread was started re: MRI capability and the "card" that you are supposed to get. If you go here: FDA Instructions for Use (IFU) Sheet for PED and you will see at the bottom of page 12:

"A Pipeline Embolization Device Patient Information Card that includes both patient information, implant information
and MRI guidelines is included with each device. All patients should be instructed to keep this card in their
possession at all times for procedure/device identification."

If your surgeon tells you that there is no such thing, please point him/her to the Instructions for Use (IFU) for the PED. It will make your lives a lot easier come time you have to have an MRI/MRA.

Best wishes!


Thanks much Linda for researching this! =)


You are more than welcome Tara!!

I received my card after my 2nd crainotomy. I received an updated card on 8/2/12 after my 1st PED and 2nd card after my 9/13/12 procedure. I was also told to carry this card at ALL times. My card was given to me in 2009 @ UT Southwestern Hospital in Dallas after my 1st crainotomy. My Neurosurgeon only updated my card after my 1st PED and received a separate card on 9/13/12. I have carry both cards at all times. Tara please do not be scared...earplugs & music will help ease the whole MRI experience. Good luck sweetie!

Loretta who did your surgery? I got a card last week. Mine was at Hopkins in Jun 2012

Did you have to request it? Or did they just mail it to ya?

I had to request it. He did it to pacify me. It is compatible with the MRI, so its not necessary except to show when you are getting an MRI for those who have not heard of the PED. I went to a neurologist who had NOT heard ofthe PED and he was at HOPKINS..??hellloooo?