I am really worried Getting the MRI brain and MR angio done next week

Hi everyone, my mother was diagnosed with a giant aneurysm. Coiling was done a month ago and she had severe vision loss immediately post coiling and since three days it worsened. There is absolutely no light perception, in the broad day light its complete darkness. I just spoke to the doctor and he asked us to get the mri brain and mr angio done and also to start with dexamethasone. I am really worried. Please do let me know your thoughts.


I’m sorry Sharru. Do they think it ruptured? M mom had an aneurysm rupture and subsequently coiled. She had a lot of blind spots after. And saw shadows and movement where there was none. It’s been 4 months and she’s seen a lot of improvement. I’ll pray for her recovery.

I think it is good that the Doctors are checking your mom ~ also, again...you need to be patient ... it takes time to heal... ~ you have my Thoughts ... out to you and mom...~ Colleen

Mimi, thanks so much for your prayers.! doctors not ruling out the possibility of aneurysm regrowth and he thinks we should be getting the mri done. I'm sorry to hear about your mom at the same time nice to hear about her vision improvement and it sure gives us hope.

Thanks so much for your prayers Colleen!