Mom had a ruptured aneurysm Sunday

Sunday January 20th my 63 year old mother had a basilar tip aneurysm rupture. Actually, they think it started to leak slowly on Wednesday which from what I understand is better than a sudden rupture. She seems to be recovering well. They’re moving her to step down which I think is quick, but I’m new to all of this so I don’t really know. Her doctors said she will probably be able to come home in 10-12 days. She’ll do outpatient rehab. She seems to be able to do a lot of things herself. It doesn’t seem like there is any brain impairment. I’m not sure about her memory yet.

Can anyone tel me what to expect when she gets home? What will be the challenges she faces? I know she’s wondering when her headache will go away, when the dry mouth will stop and when the tiredness will stop? I’ve read weeks, months and years if ever for the fatigue. I just want to give her all the support I can.

Hi Mimi...I forgot to ask .. "Did they coil your mom's aneurysm and/or clip???"... it takes along time to know exactly what impairments if any will be for mom...The support she will need is patience, and love...and she will need lots of is needed for the brain to heal...~ Cyber~thoughts Colleen

Thanks Colleen! They coiled it. She has 3 more, one is tiny and they’re not concerned about it. The other 2 will probably have to be addressed at her first follow up. Do you know if the recovery is easier for clipped or coiled?

Everything with healing truly depends on patient and complications...however, I would definitely say clipping has the harder recovery then coiling because in clipping they cut through the brain...also, a ruptured aneurysm seems to take longer to recover then unruptured in most cases...your mom seems to be on a positive journey...however, when she gets home she may experience lots of headaches for a bit of time...Gotcha all close in my prayers...~ Colleen

I agree with Colleen. Rest is crucial. I had one ruptured and one unruptured aneurysm both coiled February 2012. I have 20 days that I can’t recall. I wasn’t in a coma. I talked to everyone that came around. I have been very fortunate. Had headaches while I was in the hospital (38 days total) but have not had any bad ones since coming home. I have some memory issues but I have returned back to work. Started part time in June,added some more hours this month and will be returning to full time next month. Will keep your mom and you in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you so very much! I really appreciate your prayers and taking the time to answer me.

That’s wonderful Myra! I’m so glad you’re recovery went well. It gives me hope for my mom. I’m going to try to get her to join this group. She’s a little technology challenged:)

hi mimi! welcome! im so glad your here! is mom in a rehab hospital? they are the ones that analyzed me and measured extents of memory deficit, fine motor control and any daily living problems. they trained me to get in & out of the shower, cars etc etc. does she live with you? does she have steps in her home? Are there hand rails and grab bars in stairwells and showers? i am 3 yrs post and still battle with all these things but they are do-able. Please be patient and try to understand- things will improve but so slowly you wont notice. just the fact your on here asking tells me you already have the tools-love, care, commitment etc etc-you will do fine with these qualities. hang in there, its a long & winding road. Hopefully soon she wiill join up as it has helped me so much in so many ways. Feel free to write me if you have any questions. the hospital should have programs and resources to help. Get as many case workers you can find and get organized with folders and files. case workers can help immensly-from the hospital, county, state, federal gvt etc etc. We'll keep you in thoughts & prayers!

Thank you Ron!
She’s most likely going to rehab a few days a week. She lives with my brother and dad. so she’ll have someone there frequently and we’ve all offered to be there when they aren’t. She has steps and her bedroom is on the second floor so we’re definitely going to have to make some adjustments. I never even thought of the showers or hand rails. You gave me a lot of things to putbon the list of accommodations to make that I never would of thought of. I will definitely be contacting you as you seem to have a wealth of information. And I want as much info and help for her as possible. I know the hospital has a support group and I definitely want to get her involved.
Would you mind if I asked what was the hardest thing for you?

Hi Mimigirl!

I had an SAH in Dec 2006, same thing as your mom is that mine had been leaking 1st off until it leaked alot more and I was in a coma for 6 weeks--mine was coiled and honesty the docs thought i'd have alot more impairment than what there was, so i was well beyond lucky. As for headaches, personally I never got them before or after the coiling . the biggest challenge for me was slight paralysis on my right side, handwriting was so bad I couldn't even deciphor what I wrote, and I felt 'slow' in my reaction time (So I practiced my reaction time by playing computer games, like tripeaks solitaire, those kinds of games, and I felt it truly helped) My memory was still intact except for the 6 weeks in the coma ofcourse. And walking helped me tremendously in getting my overall strength back in the year following the Sah. You and you're mom are in my prayers, it sounds like she'll have plenty of support, thats great. Take care, Janet

Thanks Janet! Those are great tips. I do think her reaction time is slow. So we’ll definitely do computer games like you suggested. And I’ll tell her about the walking. The fatigue is a big concern for her.

hi mimi! -- not sure if i understand the question-hardest @ rehab or @ home?? at rehab everything was difficult- they make sure of that! at home getting in and out of shower and walking down the steps. Getting in and out of cars also hard. i hope this answers your question, oh also bending down to pick something up was very difficult , support group sounds like a great idea-i've never gone - i prefer to do on here. I'm so glad to hear of a great home support system for her, take care of yourself too!!

Hi Mimigirl

My wife had a rupture Aug 2011and has weakness to limbs on her left side, peripheral left eye damage,extreme tiredness and memory loss . I have given up work to look after her, it's is hard work but i am just grateful she is still alive. I find that the memory loss is the hardest thing to deal with, funnily enough it's me that keeps forgeting about her memory and i keep asking her things that obviously she can't remember. Also due to her lack of mobility she has put on alot of weight which she absolutely hates.The things we were told to keep in check were her blood pressure and cholesterol and she does take statins to control that, and smoking is definately a no,no which she also did and i think she misses alot. Just one thing if your mum is going to be discharged early and i don't want to worry you but we were told you can get vasospams up to three weeks after a bleed so may be worth asking the doctor about that , Sue did have a small siezure shortly after returning home which was a bit scarey but none since . Hope your mum hasn't suffered any lasting problems and makes a full recovery Best Wishes to you both John & Sue


My Grandmother who I live with suffered a ruptured aneurysm 2 months ago aged 63.

She made a full recovery which wasn't expected, she wasn't expected really to make it at all but she does find she is more tired, lots of headaches and she had a very dry mouth in hospital. So far these are all the complications we have had so far at home but she is just like normal so I pray your Mother will have little side effects too.

Love Ellie x

Thanks Elle! That sounds like what she’s like. She’s leaving he hospil tomorrow and is so anxious.

Thanks John, I’m so worried about the vasospasms and I’ll definitely ask the doctor. It worries me because they’re not completely certain when it ruptured. Hugs to you and Sue

Thanks Jo, hopefully her insurance does that too. I’m sure going to ask. What does he slant pillow help with? Does it help with her neck where they went in to coil? Also she’s really confused on her timeline in th hospital. She’s thinking she had the surgery done prior to this. Is this normal? It’s feels very real to her?