Missing my mom as I knew her

I do realize how lucky I am that my mom is still with us but I am having a hard time right now with missing her and how she used to be. I also know that this will be a super long road. I am just feeling very emotional tonight and just need some support on how to deal with my moms recovery.

She is in a rehab facility and is doing much better. She can get around on her own and feed herself but she is very confused and talks a lot of jibberish. I am just really missing her. I used to talk to her daily and I live about an hour away from where she is so I can only make it down to see her once a week with working full time and having a 3 year old and I just feel like I am not doing enough. I also feel so sad for my dad. He is not sleeping well and can only do so much and it just makes me sad that he must be so lonely. Him and my mom have been married for almost 38 years and they are best friends. He only really has me and my sister and my mom and my sis lives about an hour and a half away and she just suffered a miscarriage yesterday so things are really difficult right now.

Anyway, thank you so much for listening. I appreciate any words of encouragement and support.


Hi Sheri...

I am glad you came and shared how you are feeling...sometimes the caretakers have such a big burden...just be there for mom and dad...and hopefully with time ... things will improve ...

Your post touched my Heart...and know that someone just said a "prayer" for your family...!

Hugs Colleen

Thank you so much Colleen! You don’t know how much it means to me to just have someone say they are thinking about my family!


Please hang in there and know that your visit, if only once a week, means so much to both of your parents. Do not beat yourself up over not doing enough for them. You obviously care so much and are doing what you can. Remember time heals. I hope things start looking up for your whole family. Hang in there and keep your chin up.


Oh I do understand ... you sound like such a loving daughter doing the best you can for you and your family...be ok...and no matter what...make sure you take time out to take care of you too...hope dad does the same...you know it...I will keep all of you in my daily prayers...provided when you need someone to listen you come back to the site and write...we all learn alot from each other...Have a nice evening...Colleen

Hi Sheri, Thanks for sharing your feelings, you don't have to apologize for being emotional. I'm sure it is difficult on you, but just don't give up. It is normal to be feeling the way you are. Try not to feel bad that you can't see her more often, It is great that you are able to see your mom once a week! I'm sure she loves your visits. Although she seems confused, most likely she is aware of your presence and is able to understand you. After my rupture, I too was confused, but I did understand what my friends and family were saying. I would suggest that you send her a card or letter during the week. It might help both of you feel closer, and perhaps your dad also. Hang in there, we survivors will put her in our prayers. :) Fondly, Sheryl

Thank you everyone! I am so glad I found this site and only wish I had found it sooner. Big meeting tomorrow with mom's rehab staff so I think I will have a better idea what to expect. She also has her follow up neurology appointment on the 18th so I think that will help me as well.

Thanks again for your kind words!

Hi again, Please mention this site to the rehab staff and your mom's neurologist. It might help them out, and perhaps they would forward the BAF website on to other patients and family members. Besides this forum, the site has many other areas of useful information. The BAF provides assistance through this site that would benefit any person who is involved in the treatment of a brain aneurysm survivor. Keep us posted on your mom'g progress. Fondly, Sheryl