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3 Cheers for My Momma


Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while since I have posted anything, but I have been keeping up to date with all of your new stories. I just wanted to ask everyone for some encouraging words for my mom. She suffered a rupture May 2017, not awake for about 2.5 months, and was in rehab after that, finally getting home in November 2017. She then did in home therapy then outpatient therapy until this past June 2018. She is straight up KILLING IT. Obviously there are some deficiencies with her, but over all she is doing more than we ever thought she would be doing at this point. Getting herself totally ready on her own, going up and down stairs, making food, setting tables and walking on her own again. It is amazing how the brain can heal itself with love, encouragement, and plenty of rest. She forgets some things often, but instead of giving her an answer right away we challenge her to remember some of what she is asking about. For example she will ask, “Did your Dad have dinner with us? I can’t remember.” and I will say, “Well why don’t we back track and talk about what you did today and see if you can remember on your own.” And she does try and if she gets stuck I’ll obviously help, but still! Engaging her is huge and she has been so much more independent which she was craving. She has her down days where she says she hates herself and doesn’t know why this happened to her etc, but we are so blessed.

I feel like she needs to hear from people who have been in her situation and experienced this first hand. Any kind words of encouragement or advice would be phenomenal! Thank you all so much for helping my family and I get through this!

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Yes, three cheers for Momma.
Another 3 cheers for you.
Having previously worked in the disability sector I know how difficult it can all be for family. The quickest way is often the easiest way. The quickest answer would have been ‘yes, Dad did.’ But you didn’t, you took the time. You allowed her to utilize her own skills, and, that takes care and consideration. Sure, she may stumble a bit in remembering but you are there to give a bit of guidance and that takes dedication. This damn thing called recovery takes a LONG time. That support is worth more than all the gold in China and that support is you.
So, 3 cheers for you too.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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Thank you so much Merl!!


I just wanna day that this is a miracle and you should be proud of yourself and of your mum, you both are great persons that showed strength and courage!!! I wish your mum a very fast recovery and good luck and again you have showed focus, courage, support, you great :slight_smile: my respect goes to you and your family and my love to your mum :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!! :grinning:


you so welcome!!!