Missed last week and now we are on the 1st of May 2022!

I apologize for missing new member introductions, I’ve been having a bit of a rough patch. We want to welcome each and everyone of you and know that despite my tardiness, we feel you are all very important to our group. The only way we continue to learn is from the newest to the oldest members and those whose experiences resound within us as kindred spirits on the same trail.

So to catch up…

@jandriac is from CA and doesn’t know retirement it seems, lol. John has retired, but continues to work within the education field as a substitute teacher! He experienced a rupture back in January and still has headaches. We know about those headaches and many members have tried different things. Start a new topic and see what they’ve come up with or do a search.

@Mcb is up in Michigan and had a WEB device used also in January. I wonder if the surgeon used the new WEB 17 device that was approved in Jan 2021? Medical Science sure is advancing.

@kmarty from Wisconsin is a grandmother! Krista has an ACA that was found incidentally and has opted for a Craniotomy due to family history. We certainly can understand why.

@SuttonBanks is an identical twin. Sutton went to a new doctor who finally ordered an MRI to see what was causing the issues and the MRI revealed a large aneurysm. Hope the twin is checked out as well!

@Shocoufeh is from California and Fay found out through a MRI that she too has an aneurysm which has been coiled.

@Teresag also has a family history. Teresa’s mother passed away at 49 from a rupture and she just lost her sister from a rupture as well. She just had her MRA and she too has an aneurysm. We send our condolences for your loss. You must still be reeling. My neurosurgeon believes there’s a family connection and with all the members we have that also have family history, I certainly understand why we need to be checked.

@Grace8 is from NJ. Grace also had a rupture that was treated with coiling. Don’t know anything else, yet…

There are a few others who haven’t responded to the automatic email and I will have to get a message to them. Please remember to not use last names, ModSupport and I don’t always catch them. Sometimes we don’t recognize a name as a last name. If you’ve used your last name, try to change it within your profile. If you can’t send a private message to myself and ModSupport on what you would like it to be. One of us will be happy to change it for you!

Hi @Grace8 from New Jersey I just did my coiling on February 22, 2022 I heard that you had ruptured Collings I am concern could you let me know what happened please

Hi there ~ my aneurysm ruptured first, then I got coilings, I just wrote a long post about my situation~

Thank you for your response I check the blogs