Migraines, Hedaches after Crani or Coiling

I just saw a Neurologist for my first time as have suffered prior to Ani's with Migraines and headaches after Craniotomy and Coiling ( two separate operations) have been sent to see a man that deals with nerves and nerve endings, muscles etc...

I can honestly say, it was well worth it.

He is the top in Canada and he told me that one of the most useful ways to stop these horrible headaches is by BOTOX. That's right ladies, BOTOX. I said, really? If that is the case, can you do it all over my face. He said no, I don't do that.

He could put a few in my forehead but he also puts some needles full in your skull of your neck and sides of your head around the ears.

In Canada, they are now using BOTOX to treat patients with MS and it has worked wonders. I spoke with my neurosurgeon after seeing the neurologist and he agreed that he has had many patients pain free after trying the botox in the skull. It does not affect the brain at all as it just paralyzes the muscle and the tension that we get.

I am going to try it in a few months and will let all of you know.

Thanks for reading this post.


Interesting. I hadn't heard about this before, so I did a brief search on the internet about it. You may want to do some of your own research prior to the injections.

Hope it works.

Has the BOTOX provided the migraine relief you sought? My wife had clipping 16 years ago and has had at least 15 or more migraine/headache days per month. Thank you for any information.


This very interesting Botox! I wonder if anyone has tried acupunture not sure on the spelling maybe cheaper???

I agree with Tiffany...