Botox for migraines-really?

Has anyone here had experience with treating migraines with Botox?
My neurologist wants to start me on that in addition to my meds.
I’m a bit hesitant about this.
SAH 8/13/08 treated with coiling and since I have had daily headaches and/or left side

Any input would be great :slight_smile:


Hi Dulce...I have heard about this, but I have no experience with it...Hope you get more responses...~


Sue, I live in nj too. What make someone a good candidate? Is there a link of where I can look this up?
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Yep, I did it... Bouns is your face will look GREAT..

Lol princess :slight_smile: I would look like a freak :wink:


Good to hear from you. Have you had any remission periods of your headaches? Botox was offered to my wife but we're not sure she should do it. The botox injections are injected above the skull bone and the coil is located below the skull so I just can't see how it can affect the nerves located in the blood vessels surrounding the coiled area. Also, were you successful with the disability issue?

@sue - it is a small world! Where do u live now. My dr is grasping at straws, I’m not doing Botox.

@ed-I have had a day here and there were I do not have headaches otherwise I have headaches. U know the squeezing the head kind, the rise from the sinus to the temple to the top to the back. But the coil is at the base of my head - so it sounds like its not gonna be feasible. I am currently on st disability and have applied for lt disability. KeepIng my fingers crossed that it gets approved reasonably soon.

Mine happened on my way to work while I was driving. Dr zahos at JFK saw me and said I would b better off with a coiling rather than a craniotomy and sent me to overlook - this was aug 2008
Which seizure meds r u on? I’m currently on trileptal


SSD is a bear. We had the second hearing and it was surprising successfuly except for proving the time when the disability actually occurred. Fortunately we secured the necessary documents for the third hearing but that won't be scheduled until late summer.

@ed: r u using a lawyer? How long has it taken?
@sue: I was on topomax and then they switched me off- they don’t know it’s all trial & error

That’s good to know Sue. Thanks


We are. The attorney will keep the first $6,000 if we are successful otherwise no payment is required. If we need to go beyond the third hearing then I'll have to pay a retainer $5,000) since we would have to appeal in Federal Court. It appears that SS is getting tougher with their awards. At this point we are about 20 months since first filing.

Princess, does this have to be "updated" or "redone" at any time or is it permanent?

Also, would the blocking of feeling/sensation prevent noticing other symptoms in the same area?

One neuro suggested I have it where I have a tender spot on my skull ...and, I was given the minimally invasive care, not skull surgery....