Memory loss after aneurysm clipping?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post and I am new here so hopefully I am posting in the right place.

My mom had surgery on an unruptured communicating artery (?) aneurysm last Thursday (11/4). The surgery went well and there was no rupture or bleeding of the aneurysm. However, there was leaking of brain fluid and blood into the orbital socket which resulted in a one eye being swollen shut.

The thing that really freaks me out though is that she lost all her memory from the last 7 years or so. She cannot remember that she had surgery, thinks it’s 1995, can’t remember what state she is in, etc. the doctor said it wasn’t necessary unusual and that everyone is different from this surgery. But all the survivor stories I’ve read do not mention memory loss.

She went from a strong and independent woman to not being able to do anything in her own and she is now at a skilled nursing facility. I am really afraid that this is permanent…

Anyone have any experience with this and could offer any hope?

Thanks so much.

I really hope that your mum gets her memory back soon, however mine was a different kind of memory loss I couldn’t remember fruit and veg which were which what helped me:- I got a Nintendo ds with brain training games maybe you could show your mum photos and items from the last seven years or play songs. Good luck xxx

I had some cognitive issues after surgery and some memory loss. I signed up right away for lumosity and other web based memory programs. I found they helped with my recovery. I still have some issues but nothing like right after surgery. I think then also helped me return to work sooner than anyone expected. And yes, everyone is different so do not expect one answer fits all :) You will find the way that works for you. My annie was on my left ophthalmic artery and after surgery my vision was affected and then eventually returned to normal. I'll keep positive thoughts for your Mom! Carol