Memory/cognition anomaly

Im constantly looking for things(over and over) in all the places the item would be. Then anywhere from 3 hours to two days I will find it in one of the ecact spots that if gone over repeatedly. It is getting extremely unsettling because it is only getting worse. I feel I am losing my mind. Anyone else look for something that is actually in plain sight and when you finally see it it is startling. It isn’t a obscured object, but, right in front of you. It’s like things are invisible to me and then appear eventually. Plz tell me I’m not crazy

Hi Katherine...I think we get a "double whammy"...this particular problem you are speaking about happens to all of us as we age and then we have had our brains touched which doesn't help...try not to get too upset and laugh it off a bit...laughter sometimes can be the best medicine...How about the one when we go into another room and forget why we went in there? ugh...even my non~annie friends do this one...wishing you a good day ~ Colleen

Yes, Katherine, I do it all the time. I have learned to laugh about it too. I remember after I had a mild stroke in 2002 doing very strange things, too. My favorite one to laugh about is one day the doorbell rang and I went to the refrigerator to answer it. It took me a long time to figure out why I was standing in front of the refrigerator. LOL

All kidding aside, I sure do understand the feelings that come with realizing that we are having these issues. There have been a few different things that I have realized are a real problem now and I usually sit down and have a good cry about it and then I can usually laugh about it after that.

You are definitely not alone in this.

~ Carol

Thanks for the input. I’ve laughed and shook it off for a long time now. It’s just it’s getting worse and and happening more often. I’m starting to think they are blacked out moments. And yes, the walk into another room wondering why I’m there is annoyingly frequent. I guess the mood thing makes it worse and the remembering thing makes the mood worse…It’s a merry go round I wish I could step off of. Thank you again for the encouraging words.

Thanks Carol, I break down in tears in total defeat n dispare. no one is close to me so I look fine to them, but, they have no idea the struggle sometimes…memory, fatigue mental n physical and more. Hell, I forget n frustrate myself with expectation. I continue to work on acceptance.
Again, thank you


No, you are not crazy. I have had this happen before. Last year I was looking for something that I had purchased. I was sure that I had put it in my bathroom closet. I searched that closet 3x. I found it in the closet the 4th time I searched it.


I was looking for my glasses. Looked high and low. I finally went into the room my wife was in and asked "honey have you seen my glasses?" She responded " youre wearing them" True story. Its common for age and brain trauma to affect us all. But, Im glad we can laugh at ourselves, makes life so more enjoyable

Katherine...I went thru extreme vision issues...tho my aneurysm was L right vision deficit was/is the most extreme...and, some issues are beginning to return w/vision of my right eye...

Thank you for your sharing...I had close experience...the "invisible"... When I "saw" was such a strange it had been "delivered"... I can sense it so well still...

When I could not find my sunglasses case in their usual place toward the front door...I went thru every room, my purse, my car and some a second time...About a week passed (I was due for reg check-up and did not want to buy before that)...About a week later, I "saw" the case, apx one foot from its usual spot... It was a unique sensation...

So recommend you see a neuro-oph and/or check into vision therapy....I did both...

Wishing you success....we can go thru many steps of our way...

pat we have to go into another room to wonder what we are doing..?

Thank you pat…That last bit about the glasses case was exactly what happens. I need to find/get reffered to a local neuro dr as well as maybe a vision guy. The peice if my skull that was cut out is exactly my left temple…about a 2x2 pc. It seems to be separating. When u lay on your side your temple gets alot of pressure pushing on it. In being a kind of more movable portion of my skull, I think it has/is separating. There’s a groove where it should be butt right up to the skull. It’s always felt icky(for lack of a better word), when I lay on it. Winter if anyone has that problem.
Thank u again pat,

Exactly. How can it work like that? Weirdest feeling when you find it…have found myself in tears during the search n even after its found. The cry for finding it is frustration n fear I think.
Thank you for sharing


We should share where our arteries/aneurysms are...

Mine was left internal carotid artery (L ICA) to the branching of the Posterior communicating Artery (L PCOM)...All of our arteries, and/or the access arteries to them...are relative to the various cranial nerves...

I did have the minimally invasive coiling...and, off-label, off record stenting and more... so all of my issues were endovascular...not craniotomy...

Will be so pleased to know your results...


To tell ya the truth, I’m not exact sure n what was affected. Location was behind eyes just above sinus and in thecenter on one hemisphere. I would like to know all details. Maybe I’ll send for my records so I have them. Will let you know

Lol…I know I don’t :slight_smile:


A while back I wrote about the "brain" parts...i.e. the limbic system aka "emotion brain" and the hippocampus is memory...particular to me was the "learning to long-term" memory... That same area of emotions also relates to body temp, circadian, and down to the pituitary and ...then the sphenoid bone that houses the eye sockets, nasal area, and to the pituitary cavity... and, the cranial nerves tuck into essentially the base of the brain...that underside..

You can likely just call and ask for artery/segment name...can also call the rad unit (the name that varies by facility) and request CD/DVD of the angio/other radiology...

Have fun in your research...


Thank you pat :slight_smile: I will check it out. I’ve been curious. Since I don’t have family n hadn’t been close to anyone at the time if the anny I went thru it alone so anything they did tell me is fuzzy or not there at all. I was fortunate enough to find a friend from my past(his phone # was still the same), who took me in after it. I stayed with him for a year and a half. So, I am curious even more after taking to the group here. Thank you so much.

You are not crazy. I had that problem, though it has improved with time. It is a problem with what are called 'high level visual perception' skills. It includes not recognizing things we should. I also do not recognize familiar places and get lost in places I should know. I'm much better 2 1/2 years on, but still sometimes ask someone else to look if I can't find something! And have learned to memorize maps much better! were blessed to have that friend...

My anny was jan 2010, and this thing with the vision, our what ever it is, is something that’s getting worse not better since it began. I get heads that can last for days and ive come to observe that I am spacier after. My fear is is that its taking a little if me each time. Its kind of progressed on the same timeline now that I think about it.
:frowning: Having a spacey day today as a matter of fact. Im thinking I shouldn’t be driving in these days when it’s getting like that. Was a rough day today, just finding myself wanting to cry. I feel overwhelmed for no reason. The spacey thing makes me feel so incompetent and skew. Gonna sign off for now cause skull I can do right now is whine/complain
Thank u everyone for your input.