Cognitive Testing Results, 3 years, and 3 months later

Hello All,

I hope you all, are feeling absolutely wonderful today, or close to it.

It’s taken so long for me to get to this point, and it’s a bummer that my, used to be husband, my daughter, and a few of my grandchildren, had to see me when,
(I SEE RED) yup, that’s what they called it today.

I’m posting this, because I would like to know if any of you are experiencing any of these problems, and if so, how are you addressing them?

My Diagnosis:

  1. Mild Vascular Cognitive Disorder

  2. Severe Depression

  3. Severe Anxiety
    I was told that at the level I’m at, I should be the

  4. Frontal Lobe Executive Functioning

  5. Impaired Motor Skills, Dexterity

  6. Chronic Infarct

  7. Emotions, I’m pretty sure this fell under one of the
    above items.

  8. Lastly, if a Trigger is really bad, it causes me to see

My verbal memory, is mildly impaired, while my visual skills are above average.

Memory when told a story, is below average, but if brought up later, and someone else asks me the name of a person, I wont know it, but if they say, hey that guy’s name was David, right, I’ll remember it.,

She has suggested:

That I see a, Psychotherapist, they will be able to give me medication for the depression, and anxiety, and a therapist for talk therapy, I will need both.

That I see a, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Insomnia, she thinks this might help with the insomnia.

That I start Physical Therapy for the motor skills, and possibly get something for the Attentional problems I’m having, and finally, that I start journaling again.

Whew :disappointed_relieved: , that was a whole lot for one hour, in one single day, for me anyway!

Thank You for taking the time to read.



Hey Karen,
Yes, yes and yes. I think I can say I’ve had some of those same impacts. Being a male, I tried the old ‘I man, I strong. I can beat this…’ theory and just tried to push on through it all, but the more I pushed, the more my body pushed back. I needed help. For me, one of the best things I did was to see a therapist, only wish I’d done so earlier, they helped me to accept (OK, semi-accept) the reality of it all.

I wanted the old ‘Me’ back. That was my aim, the reality was the old ‘me’ was gone. The coming to terms with it all was a very bitter pill to swallow and I needed to go through the whole ‘grieving process’ which involved severe depression, anxiety and emotional upheaval of it all and that took some time to work through. Some days I still have a battle to accept my limitations and I’m 10yrs on since my last neurosurgery.

My recommendation: Use every resource available to you. You never know, that one thing you think “No, that will never help…” could just be that ‘key’ you’re hunting for, so trial them all. One thing I need to say here is that thing called ‘Recovery’ is NOT a straight line of progression. There will be good days and bad days. What I try to identify is why? Why is today a good day? What has influenced that? Why am I having a day of reduced/minimal symptoms? Is it sleep related? Is it medication related? Is it activity related? Taking note of ‘why’ has helped me identify both triggers and management tools that work for me. Then on the bad days I can use that knowledge to ‘try’ and manage around it all. I say ‘try’ because sometimes I’m successful, but then sometimes I’m not.

If ANYBODY, ever tells you recovery is easy or simple, they have never been in this situation themselves. We know this because we live it too, so come talk to us.

Merl from the Modsupport Team


Thank you for your input, isn’t it all crazy! Sometimes I think, I didn’t ask for this, and why me? I’ve always been that one family member that everyone came to for help, my doors were open, but now here I am, all alone, and I’ve done more for myself these last 6 months, than I’ve done since this happened. I’m determined to make a point, even if it’s just for me.



Oh Karen how I can relate to some of the issues you’re having and a few you don’t have. Isn’t it grand that we can be on the same train but not the same train car! When I had my NeuroPsych testing done about a year or so after my rupture, Dr. Gary told me if he had t known what I did for a living, he’d have me locked up on the 7th floor (It’s the Psych ward at a local hospital). A Neurologist I had seen told me I had PTSD from the rupture, he was incorrect.

I received help from a lot of different specialties, we cannot do this by ourselves alone. It is more than okay to ask for help from anyone. I’ve been to Speech Therapy which helped with my words and cognitive functioning overall. I’ve taken advantage of my insurance and worked with CBT therapists over the phone, we didn’t have any in our county when I ruptured. When we purchased our new place, I got overwhelmed and the Neurologist NP I have now gave me medicine to help me keep my cool, it’s a prn. The Neurologist before this one gave me medication so I could get through weddings and such as I’d get overwhelmed with everything, so also a prn. The one before that gave me a med that is highly addictive and wanted me on it all the time. I took it maybe for a week and it had me more of a blubbering idiot that’s I had been at that time. Fortunately I had an appointment with my PCP and she wasn’t happy at all, I stopped taking it. So as Merl says, take advantage of everything you can, some things work, some don’t, it’s worse in my opinion not to try.

For memory issues, I used sticky notes, then a whiteboard a friend gifted me. The ST taught me how to use my phone to set reminders and use my Notes app. I look at my calendar each morning so I know if I have any appointments. BH and I use a family calendar on our phones, this helps me know any appointments or something as simple as playing cards with friends. If it’s not in the calendar, I cannot for the most part remember we are supposed to do something. Bowling with the employees BH works with wasn’t on it. I had to take a pill to help me get over what I was feeling and my loss of words, etc but unfortunately it messed with my gross motor skills. So my game was fun but not very good.

For doing any task, I break things down into small steps. Today I need to take the trash to the convenience site along with the recycling. I know I have to empty the Edge to load the trash so that has to be first, Then I have to go through each room and gather the trash and put it in the Edge. Whilst I used to rely on my notes app to check off all the baby steps to get to my goal, I can remember most of them now. The notes app on my iPhone has these little circles I can put next to each step and I can click on the circle when I’ve completed that goal. It’s a great visual reminder.

I’m very much like someone with ADHD now and if I have no surprises I do better. If you check on the internet you can learn about dealing with ADHD and the steps it takes to help overcome it. Everything gets broken down into small steps, routines are made, etc.

While I’m not prone to depression I have worked with a multitude of people who suffer from it. Goal setting is very important oddly enough. Many people I worked with had a home that was maybe not clean and a lot of stuff cluttering each room. They just didn’t have the energy or desire to clean, First thing I’d have them do each morning is make their bed, it starts the day off with a goal obtained, I would have them clean either one room or one section of one room usually starting with the kitchen, then bathrooms, the general living areas and finally their bedrooms. Different SWs would have their clients do different rooms at first. I think it’s probably how we grew up and the importance our parents put on the rooms. I also hold the belief that if someone is going to be on anti depressants they also need a therapist. A good therapist will have what we call a bag of tricks they can teach their clients. The first thing being to identify triggers that can set a client off into the deep end. When we get angry or feeling anxious, our bodies have tells - clenched jaw, a fist, tight stomach. It’s important to learn your tell - the thing your body does first when your brain says you’re going down the road. When you notice that first sign, you need to start relaxation breathing immediately. Medication of course can help, but it ends up being our responsibility and no one else’s to identify our own triggers and start doing what our therapists have taught us.

For anger issues, depression and anxiety it’s very important to learn to do relaxation breathing and practice it faithfully multiple times a day so it becomes part of you. This can take months, it’s not something you try once, decide it doesn’t work and don’t do it again. It takes your focus to one thing - breathing. So those ugly gremlins can’t trip you up. (My favorite self help book is “Taming Your Gremlins”. If you can find a copy I highly recommend it. When your brain and body get enough oxygen, your muscles relax and your brain functions better, and your blood pressure lowers as well as your heart beat!

Chronic infarct is what we get when we rupture. The good thing is that a different part of our brain can take over the area that’s been damaged. I have an incredibly large amount of brain damage, so much so, they thought I may not be able to do anything or recognize anyone. I took pictures of family and friends to put with my contact information on that person because I couldn’t remember what they looked like. One of my biggest hurdles has been visualization and I work every day multiple times a day on it still.

For dexterity, practice writing, drawing, coloring etc. Use a squeeze ball to regain muscle and flexibility. I went to PT (Physical Therapy) because OT (Occupational Therapy) wasn’t available but they basically gave me the same exercises, stacking coins, moving dried beans from one cup to another. PT also helped with my balance and walking. If you can get to an OT, that would be really helpful, if not use a PT.

I think I’ve covered what I can. Isn’t it interesting that most of what you’ve listed can fall all under one umbrella?


I love the analogy, “we’re on the same train, but not the same car”!

I got held up, and am running a little late, but I’m on my way, that’s what’s important.

I will definitely take advantage of the help, but for some reason, picking up all the pieces, and getting them in order, is always a struggle for me, I get angry :angry: when things don’t go the way I would like them to, this is where the delay comes to an end.

And STICKY NOTES :memo:, bot have they become my best friend, the calendar I started using when I jumped on the, “Determined to help myself” train. I also started using the notes app, how funny. I put everything in my notes.

Thank you so much for all your advice, I’m very grateful, and very grateful for this support group. Once I joined, it didn’t take me long to realize, how did I even make it this far, without it.


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This is a really good group! We don’t have to reinvent the wheel as the members share their experiences really well, though with your tenacity I’d imagine you’d get there sooner rather than later! Just prioritize what you want to work on and go from there. For me, it was definitely my speech issues, hands down. A few weeks in, I added PT. Fair warning, it’s exhausting. Don’t forget to breathe!

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You are never alone. It’s a blessing to have this group. I am very thankful for the group and to read all the comments. It has been 7 years since my aneurysm and I wanted to do the
cognitive testing but the cost was not what I could afford. I did 3 years of speech therapy, still seeing a neurologist and naturopathy doctor, physiotherapist, and osteopath. I am thanking for all of them or I would be saying I can’t do this anymore. When you have family to support it helps a lot. Thank you for sharing your story.

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Is tge self help book one of these?

You’re welcome, and thank you, for sharing some of the roads you’ve traveled.

It was a looong 2-1/2 years before I joined a group, I can’t believe I went that long without. It’s an amazing tool for me.

My family doesn’t want to hear about it, I was told, why can’t you just be normal again, yup, that’s what I was told. It’s been a long, lonely road. There were days I just didn’t want to be alive anymore. I’m not going to say i don’t have bad any more, because they definitely pop up, here and there. I’m having a hard time controlling my emotions, mostly anger, I can get so mad, that I remember nothing, I don’t understand it. In time, I’m sure I’ll figure it out. How about crying, I was never really a cryer, but I am now,

I’ll keep you all updated on my progress.



Yes ma’am! My copy is the middle one though it’s several decades old, maybe early 80’s? I would check out your local library to see if you even like it. If you do, I’d get the cheapest I could find. I had to read a lot of self help books for my degree and career, I normally despise them as they can be very dry, hard to swallow, sometimes I think the author just wanted to be published having no clue or some they don’t preface it by saying you really need a therapist to help you with this. But this one is very different, can fit a wide array of issues and I have referred it to many colleagues, clients and friends over the years.

The only thing with used books for me is I despise books where people have put a dog ear on a page or break the backs on paperbacks, sometimes people write in them and I think in my anal mind, “What, you couldn’t use a sticky note?”:rofl:. I think I started using a crisp dollar bill back in the ‘90’s. It works surprisingly well and I always have a dollar to my name, Because I’m so absurdly anal with books, I go for the “very good” or excellent (rare) I’ve had good luck with them and they usually end up being library books.

I am ten years post surgery is February but my recovery was six years till I got my life back.
I had all the symptoms and all the issues two years ago. I went to my seventh neurologist after two hours he gave me a diagnosis and started me on a new medication. It took a few months to adjust but I feel like I have my life back and good days, the medication is Aptiom for seizures. Apparently I was having mini seizures throughout the day caused headaches, cognition issues, you name it seizures were due to scarring from surgery for the aneurysm.


This is wonderful news, it gives me hope! I haven’t seen a neurologist in at least a year, or maybe longer, because I get so discouraged trying to make appointments, or maybe I should say frustrated, or angry, I end up not doing it (another hurtle I have to get over). I actually received a hard copy of my results from the cognitive tests, just a couple of days ago, I now have to sit down and figure out how to get all these appointments made. :flushed:

She wants me to see a psychiatrist, and psychologist, and then she wants me to start physical therapy, and occupational therapy, and then pain management of my choice (acupuncture, or massage therapy) whew!!

Wish me luck, I’ll be attempting this today


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Good luck today with all the appointments you have to make.

I vote for massage therapy! I started seeing a massage therapist around 2010 or 2011. All because the chiropractor I was seeing told me two things - he would tell me when I needed surgery (obviously not qualified) and then he told me there was nothing more he could do for me. So I started seeing the young woman who was renting space from him. She’s been with me through lumbar surgery, the rupture and now the dermatomyositis. When I ruptured, she wanted to ensure my Neurosurgeon was ok with it, they ended up speaking to each other over the phone as my Neurosurgeon called her! Massage therapist adjusted her style. My Neurosurgeon is a big believer in massage therapy and once told me she wished all her patients would see one.

If you find the Psychologist first, they can recommend and refer you to a Psychiatrist or visa versa. The ones I’ve worked with in the past have always had the other that they work better with it seems. Hopefully the person doing your testing provided you with some names so you’re not trying to search in the dark.

Let us know how you’re doing with making all the appointments!

Thank you, thank you…
This is great information, I’m thinking, the relaxation of the massage alone takes away some of the stress, and we all know stress causes so many medical problems. So insurance covers it then?

By the way, I didn’t get my calls done yesterday, but with good reason. I’d been having this terrible pain in my lower rib area on the left, it was getting so bad, that I was unable to lay down to sleep. I went to Urgent Care yesterday, and rib #10, on the left is broken. A couple of weeks ago, I was getting on the swim step of my sons boat, with his help, because I don’t have full use of my right hand. I got up on my belly and rolled on to the step, I had been doing it every time I got back in the boat, but I heard it happen… I’m guessing i rolled that rib right over the edge of the step and cracked it.

Today is the day,
I’ve been on the phone for the last couple of hours, Medical Group :heavy_check_mark:, Insurance Group​:heavy_check_mark:, Social Security (still on hold) it’s been about 30 minutes. I did find out, that I can request a case worker to help me through this kind of stuff. I get anxiety so bad, my throat feels like it’s closing up, and my heart starts pounding.

I now have a new primary doctor, that’s a good starting point. He will be handling all these new referrals. I looked him up and he had above a 4 star rating, and a lot of positive reviews! YAY


I don’t know if insurance covers massage therapy, I’ve never looked into it. Some massage therapists as I understand will bill insurance for you, ours does not. She only charges $70/hour still where most others are north of $100 USD. It won’t hurt to ask your insurance company.

Holy broken rib Batman! That’s one thing I hope to never experience. Do you have to wear a rib brace? I’ve had months of experience with one in my teen years for a split sternum. I highly recommend not playing football in the arena with a bunch of Marines while wearing one😂

When I applied for Medicare, the very nice ladies with SS told me to hire an attorney, I wish I had listen to them. I finally did and he told me the wait was almost two years to be heard by a Judge due to backlog. I reached out to a nice young man I had met while lobbying with the BAF and The Bee Foundation when the lawyer told me it would be another 21 months after a year or more passed. I was awarded disability the next week. The attorney’s paralegal had not put the start date as the day I ruptured so I lost over a year of back pay. I didn’t mind the 25% that disability attorneys are allowed to collect. I am fortunate that I receive two disability checks one from the State and one from SS and BH makes good money.

One of the things the ladies at SS told me is that my medical records showed I could return to work full time. BH said I received that letter the second week I was in NSICU. BH called that woman and gave her what for despite the Neurosurgeon saying that wasn’t the reason I was denied.

I saw an old colleague of mine who had a slight concussion and was awarded disability the first time she applied! In NC, the higher educated you are and your age plays an important role in if one qualifies or not and she was a few years younger than I am. Every State has different rules apparently, NC believes a higher educated individual can go work in a factory or do menial labor. The SS ladies told me if I had been working in any of the previous jobs I had before I earned my degree, I would have had disability faster. Anyhow, I asked how she did it and was told that she went to work for a friend who wrote a letter to SS explaining the colleague couldn’t remember how to do simple tasks. It was also during the time that there was a big push for concussion awareness and the movie that started it all had come out. I wasn’t happy because I wasn’t functioning anywhere near the level she was at.

I wish States would allow people applying for disability to be able to go to Voc Rehab for an assessment but in NC you have to be on disability to qualify. They sent me to one of their therapists and he said there wasn’t a way I could work but they would deny me anyways. NC doesn’t have anything for hemorrhagic strokes so they use ischemic stroke guidelines. So hire an attorney if you’re trying to get disability and are refused the first time. I wasn’t awarded disability for the issues after I ruptured but because of my lower lumbar surgery. SS contacted the PT who did my assessment so I could return to work and she told them that though I had heart, I wasn’t physically able to work in a factory again.

Yay on the new PCP! I got a new one after I ruptured when the PCP told me to get a new Neurosurgeon. She’s really good and never assumes with me. She will always send me for further testing or to a specialist. Her practice doesn’t take new Medicare/Medicaid patients so I count my blessings I was still on my county insurance when I switched. Good luck with everything!

Lol, playing football with the Marines, as an average teen, I’m sure would turn your world upside down.

I’m actually on Medicare, you see, on November 7th, of 2019, I was scheduled to have carpal tunnel surgery. I cleaned up my desk at work, and told the person that was going to cover it for me, I’ll see you in a couple of weeks, and I haven’t been back since. I didn’t even file a workers comp claim, because it would have been considered an OSHA recordable accident, and I didn’t want the plant to suffer the hit for my pain.

The day I had the surgery, I woke up, and I thought man, my middle finger hurt really bad, and this was on my right hand by the way, which is my primary hand. On my way home it started hurting really bad, that’s because the anesthetics were wearing off, from that day forward, my hand has been messed up. I had an appointment to remove the splint, and have the stitches removed in my wrist at 3 weeks, so I waited until then. When I arrived , it was my surgeons PA that saw me, my hand was so swollen I couldn’t bend my fingers, however 2 of them now had trigger finger. So he says he’ll be back in after the nurse takes out my stitches(who is now my daughter-in-law), she comes in and was able to get about 3 of them out, I said the “F” word at that time and said I needed to take a break, the pain I was having, was over the top for a carpal tunnel surgery. She walked out, and I looked at my husband and said, I feel like I’m gonna throw up, he said, do you want me to get you the garbage can, and I said no, and the next thing I know, I woke up and I was resting on his lap, so I had passed out, my body just quit. The pain was over the top. She came back in and finish getting the stitches out, and again it hurt so bad it was crazy, but she was able to get them all out, and then she left, and I looked at my husband, and I said, I’m not feeling good again, and I really passed out that time. I even peed my pants, and I guess while I was passing out, the doctor walked in so they had grabbed me before I hit the floor, and laid me on the bed. He did tell me that he’s sent a request to my insurance, and as soon as they receive the approval, my daughter-in-law looked at me and said I’ll call you and will get you in that day, so that’s what happened.

I am now at about 2 1/2 months off of work, my hand is ridiculously in pain, swollen, trigger fingers, and my fingers were super shiny, like somebody polished them. It was weird, this is when I started studying medical issues. I was still going to physical therapy at this point, because my hand wasn’t getting any better, as a matter of fact, it was getting worse. After looking up all my symptoms, I knew exactly what I had. They told me there were no available appointments to see the surgeon. It was 6 to 8 weeks out, I said but I hurt so bad, she told me if you hurt that bad then go to the hospital, so I made an appointment, hung up the phone, and called my insurance. At this point I am still covered through work, and I asked them if I could go get a second opinion, because I was having problems My physical therapist, who dealt with the condition that I have, told me the name of a really good doctor, so I asked for him, and he was under my insurance, so they got me in, in three days, brand new patient, three days, amazing right. I was in there for about 5 minutes, he said, you have something called CRPS (Complex Regional Syndrome), it’s a very rare disease that affects the peripheral nervous system, and central nervous system, it over exaggerates pain. It’s sensitive to touch, it gets swollen, I get trigger finger in 2 sometimes 3 of my fingers, the list goes on.

He asked who my doctor was, I didn’t want to tell him, but did, and he was like oh wow, he’s my buddy, I know him very well, we golf together. So he tells me, I’m gonna tell you what you need to do, go home, call the doctors office, tell them that you need to get in there sooner, that you’ve had a second opinion, and then you tell them my name, and you tell them, if they don’t get you in right away, that you will take further action, so that’s exactly what I did. She told me that they couldn’t get me in, and so be it, so I hung up. It wasn’t long, no more than 5 minutes, my phone rang, and what do you know, they got me in in three days.

This appointment, is what I thought, was the worst day of my life. They told me, this disease doesn’t go away, you will have it for the rest of your life, it can go in remission, but won’t go away!!! I was lost, confused , and crying!!! Why? How did I get it? Are you sure?

Now I’m scrambling, i was already on state disability, that lasts for a year in California, so I had to get a lawyer, and that took a while, because I didn’t leave on workers comp. I found one, and I won the case.

Oh wait, 3 months later I have a ruptured aneurysm. At one year from the carpal Tunnal surgery, which was about 6 months after the rupture, the doctors still considered me unable to work, or return to what I was doing. So I now had to consider permanent disability. My insurance through my employer provided me with a lawyer, which was pretty awesome. At one year I had to go to the state provided doctors, and they did some cognitive testing, and some other tests, like the function of my hands, my balances off, there were too many little things. I even have trouble with a date, and sometimes even where I’m at. It was wonderful when I found out, but it sure was painful getting there.

So I now have CRPS in both hands, but my right hand feels like a car ran it over, and then backed up over it too.

Sorry so long, but that’s how I got disability. I sometimes feel like I’m walking under this dark gray cloud, and the lightening keeps striking me, damn it, I can’t get away. It’s taken me a long while, but I’ve adjusted to it, well, I don’t think we ever really adjust to it, we accept it, and move on.


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I was a 15 year old 116 lb aggravating little sister is what I was. Couldn’t wear a bra because of the rib brace so when one of my brother’s friends realized what was happening, up came the shirt, off came the rib brace and breathing recommended :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::rofl:

Christ on a bike! (We’ve been watching “Grantchester” and it’s a saying of one of the Detectives) You’ve been through a heck of a lot, haven’t you? I had to look up CRPS, dang girl, it truly sounds worse than my dermatomyositis. But with what you’ve gone through, just tells us what an incredibly strong woman you are and you should get a hug from your family!

I think I’m between the fence on accepting or just acknowledging the things life has thrown at me. Most days I think it’s acknowledging, I like a good fight and I think I’m the storm itself. Though they really go hand in hand don’t they? Perhaps it’s impossible not to have both for our own sanity.

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Well, I didn’t realize you were a girl, never checked out your profile, but with that being said, you took it all off, and went for it, nice job.

All these rare diseases, give it a name, and give us medication to try out. When I came back to California in January, I started completely at square one. I stopped all my medication, gabapentin, duloxetine, cholesterol med, and blood pressure meds, I want to get to the bottom of this, why did I have an aneurysm , and why all the sudden all the medication, how can you function normally with it.

So here I am, making my way through the mucky water, the doctors, I’ve learned, make a difference. I think some just don’t care what happens to us once we become survivors. I haven’t been to a neurologist in a year and a half, they kept having me see the PA’, my primary got pretty angry about that.

And, I’ll agree with you on the acknowledging, or accepting. I’ve definitely acknowledged, I’m just looking for a way out from under this dark gray, stormy cloud, the lightening keeps striking me, and knocking me down, but this time, I got up and I’m stronger, I’m fighting full throttle, I’m fighting for me, and only me!

Thank you for listening, sometimes it feels good to let it all out!

Have a great weekend


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I was sent to a new Neurologist by my PCP on the recommendation of a doctor friend she has. He gave me a highly addictive drug that was doing me more harm than good so I told her after three or four days, I stopped it. She was ecstatic that I knew to stop it, she wasn’t happy with him at all. He was replaced by another Neurologist who also told me not to take it it was the wrong medication for me. He gave me something else that’s a PRN but then after a couple years he moved on and they had me redo my appointment to wait for one that was moving down from New York. I’ve never met him, the office told me he couldn’t see me because of the State criteria so I see a wonderful NP. I had one really wonky episode and he didn’t think he needed to see me, I pushed, he relented and when I came in, he was aghast at the ugly rearing of my symptoms. He apologized profusely and told me he would never blow me off again. He ordered an MRI and I had my fourth repair. I’ve never had a desire to see the new Neurologist, I’m happy with the NP.

I stopped all my meds one time, I was on chanting and it made my brain feel like it was on fire. Unfortunately I had an appointment with my Cardiologist, asked him why I was on metoprolol, he gave an incorrect answer and I went off on him. I decided doctors didn’t know what they were talking about so I stopped everything. It wasn’t pretty and I had a weekend of issues going off the metoprolol but I’ve never been on it again and a bunch of issues I was having disappeared. I did have to start taking my allergy meds and my Neurosurgeon said I did need the gabapentin I’d been on for over a decade due to my spinal issues, so I started that up again.

We went to a new Cardiologist closer to our new house. He is wonderful and told me more about my heart than any of the previous Cardiologists. He’s one of the most intelligent doctors I’ve met so we will keep him. BH always goes with me to a new doctor in case they can’t understand me. He had no problems. BH had an ischemic stroke and has a loop recorder and decided to change to him as well. He said it would be about two or three months for BH to see him, BH got an appointment for the next day! He laughed when I kept telling myself to shut up. During my appointment we were discussing the amount of radiation I’ve been exposed to and my concern of having anymore. He shared the loss of colleagues he has had due to the radiation they were exposed to as doctors and that there’s a graph with showing how much one can be exposed to with the expectation of getting cancer. I need to ask him about that study through my portal, not only for me but I want to send it to my Neurosurgeon as well. When I went into severe anaphylaxis during my last angiogram, she moved the protective plate for her to get to me!

Yes, I’m female. Born and raised but always a tomboy at heart. We rarely had other girls in any of the neighborhoods we lived. We had one in Downey, but she wasn’t allowed to play all the outdoor games we all played like hide and seek and she wasn’t allowed to wear anything but dresses due to her religion. I was allowed to go to her home but she wasn’t allowed to come to mine due to our religious beliefs. They were LDS and we were Catholic. So football, baseball, climbing trees and horses were my activities over the years. When we got our horses, I did get more female friends which was nice. We were mostly all tomboys, learned to curl our hair and wear make up but we also loved to get dirty and sweaty on our horses :joy:. When I’d get injured, Dad always told me I’d be an old lady before I was an old man. When I ruptured and my Neurosurgeon asked me how I was doing, it popped right out!

You have a great weekend as well! We are under a flood watch for this afternoon so a bit of work needs to be done to prepare for that.

Oh and there’s a saying I saw on Pinterest years ago which reminds me of you -

“The Devil whispered in my ear: ‘You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.’ I whispered back: ‘I am the storm.” - Adharanand Finn