Medication question

Has anyone had to stop their blood thinning medications for another unrelated procedure. I have to have a minor procedure where they said I am ok to stop my aspirin for a week but that makes me nervous after being told I need to take it most likely for life.

Hello, I have had several surgeries since my Brain Aneurysm and having to take Blood Thinners for the rest of my life…I had to stop the Blood Thinners before each surgery and then go back to my routine, all with no problems at all…I hope this eases your hesitation and answers your question…Prayers for you, God Bless, Paul

I have been taking aspirin 325mg ever since my rupture almost 8yrs ago. Have had a few surgeries since and had 11 teeth pulled. Had to go off the aspirin before each and resume it after. Had no ill effects.

My dad always had to stop his blood thinners a week to ten days prior to any procedure. Since rupture, I no longer take aspirin per the Neurosurgeon. But I’m not allowed any NSAIDs a week prior to any procedure, even teeth cleaning. Thought the dentists does have me take an antibiotic the day of teeth cleaning to the joy of my neurosurgeon