Medically angry

Well, as they say, the best laid plans… So, I found out that my insurance company is trying to be in negotiations with the place that I’m supposed to be getting my head surgery. They’ll mind you that place was on my preferred plan two weeks ago, but apparently not now. So I’ve had to go through all these hoops to try and get my insurance company to make an exception. meanwhile, the doctors office calls me and tells me I can’t come see them because he wants to do a CTA first. I did not see anything in there about CTA. I realize it’s not a big deal, I’ve had them before. It’s like a CT scan with juice, but it’s just more time and effort. He, of course, I won’t do any kind of surgery until he gets that scam first.
I’m beginning to think that this is never going to happen and maybe I just shouldn’t do it.

In my experience, insurance companies and the hospitals go into yearly negotiations, it’s really not a big deal, someone caves and the contract is signed. It is a bit unsettling and it’s happened to me before with my PCP, local hospital and the hospital I get my brain repairs done at. It was the PCP’s office who told me to give them a few weeks and it would work out. You might want to reach out to your insurance company or the hospital and see if that’s where they are at - middle of negotiations. Usually I received letters from both the insurance company and the medical facility saying the facility was no longer in my network. In NC, they have to warn the patient first. I’m unsure about Washington.

I always get images prior to any repairs, so that is expected. Good communication is always helpful isn’t it?

Let us know how it goes