Medical ID bracelet

New here and not sure where to post this… Wondering if anyone has been advised to wear a medical ID bracelet outlining coiling/stent in brain. Got the wallet card but a radiologist suggested I should get a bracelet. If so, where might I get it?

Hey Lo,
Im in Australia and I too have been recommended to get a medical ID bracelet. There are a few available some chemist/pharmacies have a generic ID available, where you can purchase a bracelet and have it engraved with your health details. But with this type there is no central database that first responders can contact to obtain further details.
Due to this I have a bracelet from an organisation called MedicAlert
They have a international database and range of differing bracelets, necklaces and dogtags to choose from. On the back of the bracelet is a phone number with international codes. A list of conditions and your personal file number.

I notice that you are in Minnesota and depending on your specific needs there are a few state based systems that offer not only bracelets but also alert systems for within the home. Here’s a site that may assist in making some sort of comparison of differing services.

Now, all of these do have an annual fee. But for the peace of mind that such services can provide, it really is minimal.

Hope it helps
Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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Thank you so much for this information!

Very happy I found this site and thoroughly appreciate your comments and insights to questions!!


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I wear a medical alert bracelet and found mine here:

It’s not internation and doesn’t have a file back up or anything, it’s just a nicely designed bracelet that doesn’t look “medical” per se.



Thank you! Will check it out.