Grateful and frustrated

. I am only 7 weks post op. I was not diagnosed ; I was rushed to the hospital with a SAH "thunder clap headache" and then a emergency crani and clipped the aneurysm. I remember going to the hospital but it is blank untill I woke three days later. I am extremly fortunate in my recovery, I am alive and doing well. I have attempted to go back to work part time. I am not the same person I was before and although grateful to be here, I find it frustrating sometimes adjusting to all these changes. I am so grateful to have found this community, to be able to speak to others who understand everything from the foggy to the hair loss.I feel like I am on auto pilot sometimes. On good days I can get through with a positive attitude. Some days I have a much harder time pushing through the darkness to get to the light. reading some of your stories gives me hope that the bad days will get farther and fewer between. Thank You soooo much...........

Hi Georgeann,
Welcome and glad to hear that your on the way to recovery. Keep your spirts up the best you can.

Hi Georgeann, Wow 7 wks and back to work even part time seems quick to me but everyone is different. I had the BIG headache back in May and didn’t go back to work until Oct. Had mine coiled and a shunt. Everything was strange and a little hard to understand at first. It took some time but things are pretty much back to normal and yes this site is great for straight forward info from survivors. I like to check out this forum often and will put in my 2 cents once in a while. The only advice I can give is to take your time and enjoy the fact your still alive. Some life style changes might be in order and listen to your Dr. Good luck and glad you joined us.


I’ve been out of the hospital for 44 days and have gone back to work part time for the past 2 weeks. Everyone says I’m pushing it too fast. But I refuse to sit at home when I feel I can work and need to feel I am … well… alive! So I totally understand what you are going through. I work and do things and then sometimes need a full day to sleep and recover. The brain does take awhile to heal and your body will tell you when to slow down. That’s usually when I post a depressing post! LOL There are ups and downs and fortunately, people here will help us through both. ~ Tina Hunter

Amazing. I spent most of my days in bed for almost three months. My thoughts of what I needed to do or wanted to do were in my head but my body just wouldn’t or couldn’t move. At one point my husband asked me “if I was ever going to get out of bed.” I would cry because I felt like I was getting nowhere. Now I do have other issues, and I did have a post operative bleed which required a readmission, excruciating headaches, and probably my meds also contributed, so perhaps it was combination of all these things but to be getting back to work, even part time, at seven weeks. I too am not the same person I was before. One thing that I really struggled with was accepting that fact. Honestly some days I still have problems with this which makes me believe that I have not totally accepted who I am yet. I hope that acceptance comes easy for you. I hope that your good days are many and those darker days are few. Please remember if you feel tired or just want to lay down it or just chill that it is okay. Your body needs rest and like Jim said your brain needs to heal. Take care.

That’s great, I also went back to work part-time pretty early (about 4 weeks post-op). I went in the office 2 days a week and then worked from home when I could, typically about another day a week though it was spread out of several days. I did that for about 5 weeks before I went back full time. People thought I was crazy and in hind sight I probably was. I really didn’t realize the full extent of the damage done and how hard my brain had to work to heal. But I’m also glad that I pushed myself because I feel like I made it much further than I would have otherwise. I’m now 4 years post-op and while I still have side effects that can sideline me for several hours to a full day, I am still managing to lead a consulting practice and get my MBA. All in all, life is good.

Hi Georgeann, I am 3 months post op. i too was rushed to the hospital after waking up w/ nausea and vomiting and then feeling the thunderclap headache, then laying on the couch for 12 hours, sweating profuesly, and then my husband decided to call the squad for me when I sat up screaming and couldn’t turn my head, ( which i have no recollection of) then the sqad came and we live in the country, so our local hospital did a cat scan, told me i had ruptured blood vessel in my brain, and then rushed me to the big hospital 30 min south, where I was coiled and have no memories of the first 2 weeks in the ICU. I need a VP shunt because of getting hydrocephalus which is fluid on the brain, and needing 2 extra surgeries because the tube that runs internally into my stomach tissues migrated out of place, so i have 2 nice big scars on my stomach and a good size one on my head from the shunt placement. I can’t imagine going back to work yet. I am one month further ahead than you, you are very strong, just don’t over do it. Take it easy and work with yourself. I find these changes frustrating too. My patience is cut in half now compared to what it was, I have a 5, 3 and 5 month old. So my days are full and busy, my two oldest are boys and full of piss and vinagar, let me tell ya. LOL, I am thankful for these groups too.I hope things will get easier for you and me both. These sites give me hope too. Again, take care of yourself and don’t over do it!

amy i love your comment about the piss and vinegar…too cute…im just so grateful that we all, survivors, have ths venue to help one another out, i dont know what i wouldve done w/o it…i am a yr clean of annys and getting back to what is my new life,thought i would never take a nap but seem to relish them now,its my down time for me and my brain to rest so we can keep getting better,life is good and God is great…i pray for each and everyone of yall to keep doing well and have a wonderful life…God bless

well michelle, that is exactly what they are full of…lol. they run me ragged on some days, i am just happy to still be here for them to run ragged. lol

Amy Would U share your E? & IS there a way to DESKTOP this site? I am blind in one eyr & iots hard to FIJND this site! Tanks.

dont desktop it add it to your favorites,which is when you make it to your page click on the favorites over in the top left corner…tap it and then it will prompt you to add to favorites,you press yes-ok…
this away when u are web browsingall u have to do is click on favorites,scroll down to baf site and kapiw…their u are…good luck

Your experience is VERY similar to mine. It was VERY frightening. Apparently I was un-con several days…My son (only child) about came apart. Well he DID…my dearest friend in TX was a ‘life-saver’ for Ben.

Am a new ‘annie’ survivor: My note says 29 Aug. 2005. Thats NEW to me.

ANY one from this site my E me, OR can I DESKTOP the site (ever BETTER for my blind eye)

maranne_39506@hm Can I DESKTOP the site? ANYONE???

I agree with Michelle. You should add it to your favorites, and I am not sure what you mean when you ask if I can share my E. Good luck to you on your recovery!

they will get better and better …the dark will pass. keep putting it in the universe. keep saying. I am grateful for. then name about five things. when you are bummed out by something and a negative thought creeps in…do not let it live…get a positive one going. from somone that was so negative…for my whole life to how i trained myself to think even bofore the aneurysym…just replace it. do not let it have time…do not let it grow. starve it with a new thought even if you have to to write them down. I promise after time you will have to try to be negative. how awesome is that??? worry, negative, anger all of that does no good anyway. changes like nothikng. so you might as well put some good out there… if something not good is coming to any of us…it will anyway…might as well leave a ton of good energy and karma behind. the best part is that if we are meant to live a long life the good energy and karma is going to help us really really live a good and I mean super good in many ways life. trust me…my so called luck has so changed. luck or positive out there bring positive back??? yeah there have been some bad things but i keep doing the positive and I swear i handle things so much better and heal better and feel better and am better. what else can you ask for…like not much…just saying…try it. get some positive thinking books. and try it. i am a new person for this…try it.

jamie i love ur post and u are so right …there are things in this world that would love for us to live our lives in fear and be able to control our every move. it is up to us to refuse this and let ina more positive light that reminds us how fortunate we are to of survived this nasty ordeal…i have a higher power which is my Lord and saviour that held me during my time of need and is continuously reinforcing his presence in my life to know i have nothing to fear, i am in control of my continued recovery and with God by my side i have a shield that nothing or no one can penetrate…life is good and God is great


NEVER forget you are in GOD’S hands. I pray for ALL of yall daily. Yall are my “Annie Angel” friends.

I am in an ‘assisted living’ & my nights are free after 6:00pm M-Sat & 8 pm on Sunday. I have a private room & private PC. We eat @ 5:00 pm but I like to help our worker clear the tables.

My personal E on marianne_39506@hotmail


it is great that you help clear tables and well, just help. I guess if i was in your place I would help out too. I get that.

it is great to help others no matter what. it helps us heal.

I am helping others all the time. never mind me. I mean i need to heal still. but doing all i can to help others helps me heal in my own way. I love helping someone else. the annie never changed that.

I have ALWAYS been a person to help, B4 ‘annie’ I took in boys my sons age who needed a ‘save haven’…One of them got away from his alcoholic mother…Troy got married & moved out of state about 2 years ago. My son sent me that news as well as Troys 'Facebook" NOW all I have to do is figure out Facebook & desktop it. Or @ least an easier way to FIND it. Ben is my only child & 34 now…(Am 57 with my next birthday tomorrow, I am grateful every day to be alive, & I am a ‘worker ant’ NOT the queen. They have a lot of do’s & don’t here but as the youngest one here I get by helping…anything but push a wheel chair. Some of the people here are heavier than I am & also I do use a cane.