May 5, I need you guyzzz

I am starting to get that feeling. All of my BAF friends know it well. Wednesday I go to Hopkins to get my angio. I try to be brave, I file it in my brain in the correct place. But damn it..the voice starts, 'will today be the last time..?" When I think about it, my breathing gets a little shallow. I talk to God a little longer. I pull out all my best books. I clean my underwear drawer.Tomorrow or later today I will start zanax, then predosone, ..

I need some cheerleading and I need some prayers. I need you guys, because YOU GET IT. My one year check. Been down this road 3 times and it doesnt get easier on the mind.

Thanks for being there, Love, Denise

everything will be great youll get good news from your doctor and be on here telling us how great everything looks in no time, wish you luck. try to relax.

Dawn :-)

Wishing you all the best with the upcoming angio. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers for all good news! Let us know how it goes.

'Know exactly what you're saying-found mine 9 yrs ago-look at it every and still get nervous-was ok 5 yrs then grew and I have had 2 coilings-getting along great-they can do wonders-Have to put our faith in God and Docs-Praying for a grat report:) marcia

Hi Denise...Sending Positive vibes your way ... and prayers... I know that taking the predisone doesn't make it feel better (since if you are like me that high dose makes me a bit hyper) but like you I then start on my Xanax...deep breaths and keep the faith...~ Cyber~hugs Colleen


I am fairly new at this but every time they say they are going to be running a test my heart drops to my stomach and I start the worrying process all over again. Denise I am praying that everything will be fine and that your nerves are calmed as Wednesday approaches. God is in complete control no matter the outcome, but I am praying that outcome is that you have no new aneurysms forming and that any others that you have had still have no blood flowing to them.

God Bless,


yes Denise we sure do get it--my heart goes out to you-think positive and think forward to the time when they tell you all is well. When our mind is fixated on these scary tests that's when the negatives come. thanks for sharing, let us know please~~

Denise I am sure you are going to hear good news. You had the best doctor and the best hospital for your surgery and your angio's. Keep praying and keep taking zanax. That is what is getting me through this whole ordeal. Praying for you because I get it!!!!!! Lucy

Good vibes being sent your way Denise! As soon as the insurance co. gives me the go-ahead I need to schedule mine, haven't had one in 4 years and I'm a bit nervous ( I get it, believe me) !



Sending out positive vibes and prayers out to you today...xoxoxoxo ~ Colleen

Good luck!!!