I see that a few people is till on magnesem hope you don't think m abit stupid but what is it for I was on it till I came home from hospital should I still be taking it and does it help ?

Any type of intense stress, be it surgery or mental stress that comes from having a brain aneurysm, causes the body to use up its magnesium stores. Thus after a stressful event, one if often magnesium deficient. My doctor did not specifically prescribe it, but I started an over the counter magnesium supplement this past spring (200mg of magnesium citrate twice daily). Initially, it did seem to help me feel calmer. I'm not sure how much good it is doing presently, but since I seldom eat green leafy vegetables (best source of magnesium) I have decided to continue taking it. As long as you are not experiencing diarrhea, there is probably not much downside to taking magnesium, particularly as prescribed by a doctor.

I take magnesium as part of an anti-inflammatory regime for cluster headaches. 400 mg magnesium citrate daily. Seems to be helping.

I have been on MagOx - 400 mgs of magnesium for years. I was first advised by a chiropractor years ago after I started having problems with a hip joint. I stopped and started again during cancer treatment to treat severe muscle spasms and my severe osteomalacia that culminated from the treatment. I take it to this day - really helps my nerve/muscle/bones tremendously.

I have not heard of using it for annies, but I love it for all the other things I do take it for.

I take 400mg of magnesium every other day. It is good for artery and vessel health. Also, helps if you have a tendency to get constipated. I take it every other day, because it causes me to have diarrhea if I take it every day. I didn't know about the other benefits of magnesium until reading the other comments on your discussion. Thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge of this supplement. :)

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~ Carol

it does sound like a good thing this magnesium I shall ask my doctor it might calm me down has I do get very stressed plus I suffer from fibromyalgia it might help with that to thanks