Along with daily headaches and the usual specialist that tell me they are unrelated to my SAH, I have just been told that I have fibromyalgia by a Rhumatologist.
Has anyone else been diagnosed with this condition and if so what’s your story?
Best wishes

Simon...I questions so many 'diagnosis"...or failures to diagnose...anything..

I do have a friend who has been diagnosed w/fibromyalgia...she winters away so has been a long time since we've conversed...

Have you searched it online?

Yes, I was diagnosed 10 years ago during a prolonged cancer treatment. I also had a lot of other problems during that time, including osteomalacia. I had just started treatment for my parathyroid glands to try to reverse the osteomalacia (it is the adult equivalent to rickets) after having 6 bones break in 4 months and I was erroneously misdiagnosed with bone mets - I had breast cancer and the long-term treatment had my body not able to absorb Vitamin D. I was treated by an endocrinologist and he also treated me for fibromyalgia.

For me, I had so many side effects from the treatment that I was never sure which were from the treatment and which were fibro. Nothing really worked and then they really did not have the meds that are out now. I took muscle relaxers and occasional low dose narcotic pain meds when it was bad. I also had horrible muscle cramps at times - I have to and still do take 400 mg. of MagOx (magnesium) daily. I haven't taken any of the newer meds they are now touting. I know people who do take them and it helps but they have also gained weight. They also take Ritalin as needed for energy to work, etc. and they say that really helps. I also have relapsing polychondritis now (that is how my annie was discovered unruptured because of the MRA done to fix on a cause for horrible ear pain), so it is also difficult to ascertain what is fibro and what is RP (RP is also an autoimmune where the body's antibodies attack cartilage).

I'm sorry, I have now probably totally confused you. To answer: Yes, I was diagnosed with fibro. I take muscle relaxers, 400 mg of MagOx, Oxy 5 mg twice a day when I want to get my muscles going. Friends have taken official Fibro meds and they have worked for them but they have gained weight. They also take Ritalin when they have low energy and they need to work, etc. For me, if I were to take Ritalin, I would get approval from my neurosurgeon to make sure it would not affect the brain vessels. It's possible it might also affect your headaches - I'm not sure, just guessing. What do you take for your headaches?