Mac users can see images

I’ve recently discovered a download for those of us who have a Mac. Unfortunately I can’t put the link in here, so I will respond to the topic.

So the majority of facilities use a DICOM program that’s apparently made for those who use Windows. A little searching, one question and I received a link. It is free for patients

Use the OsiriX Lite. I had one issue trying to download it the first time, after a few hours I decided to stop the download and start again…took less than five minutes. I was told that Mac users cannot open the images and they cannot be downloaded. Despite the kind woman at our local hospital imaging, we can see them and it will automatically download your images. I haven’t tried to burn a copy so I don’t know about that aspect. Hope this helps those of you with a Mac! Next is to call Kristin in imaging and share the information with her!