Looking at CD of my MRA

Hi all - I have a CD of my latest MRA and am trying to look at it at home but not getting anything to come up. Any IT people out there that can help me? I put the CD in and it runs but then nothing. This has happened to all the CD's I have of past MRI/MRA and the doctor has always been able to open them but I wanted to take a look prior to my appointment in three weeks. Thanks for any help!

I have not attempted to look at my MRAs, CTs, etc. My Neurosurgeon always goes over them with me. She takes her time and explains and though I may forget, I can always call her nurse. Now I just ask if Willis is still dancing. I know with my back surgery, those CDs required a special program, can’t remember what.

Thanks! My doctor goes over them too but I was curious and wanted to see it ahead of him. Not that I would know if it was good or not but curiosity is tapping me on the shoulder. Guess I’ll have to be patient and wait.

Wendy, ask your doctor which program, it may be free to download. I know my spinal cd’s say which program. We could open them at work, when I worked, but not at home. I understand curiosity:)

Moltroub is right - you need the program or programs that will open the file. The hospital records dept. might be able to tell you, otherwise, your doctor will.

There should also be a report on the disc. Not sure what program that uses, I have just gotten the written results from my doctor, although I think it's smart for all of us to have copies of all our tests. I used to do this during cancer treatment and need to start now.

I am not an IT person but my cds com with the program to run them I can run them on 1 of my computers but not on the other. I do not understand them and NONE of my SO CALLED DRS have taken the time to go over them with me ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!