Low white blood cell count

I was advised by a nurse friend of mine to check my iron levels because I was looking pale. So I went and had some bloods taken. The Dr's surgery called me back to say i had a low white blood cell count and i need to have another blood test in a months time. Does anyone know if this is normal after a SAH? Many thanks x

I don't know if it is normal Cathy...but if you lost alot of blood it would seem right...also, if you are on the plavix and aspirin...I think our blood counts are suppose to be checked...~ I guess I really didn't answer you...sorry...

Keep us posted on You...~

Hi Cathy,

I don't know if it is directly related to my past SAH, but I have a "consistently" low WBC. Despite this I am seldom ill and my immune systems responds readily to the presence of "invaders". :-)

Is your low WBC something new?


I am thinking the red blood count...sorry...you are so right Carole...WBC is the immune system...

Hi cathy,

When my wife was discharged after her SAH the doctor told her to that a multi vitamin and to make sure it includes iron but never thought to ask why, infact six months on she is still on them and omega three tablets.

After my SAH I did have a low blood count but the docs said it would come back up on it's own and it did. A year later and I still have problems with fatique. B-12 ususally helps but my normal energy level has not returned. Tak care & God bless.

yes whites are for immune system,red deficiancy is anemia-but i never had issues with lowcounts except years ago when taking chemo and i had to inject nuepogen into my bellly to boost the white count so ther are meds to boost the whites, Good luck Cathy and be prepared to do injectables! -was hard to stab a perfectly good belly with a needle!!! first time i stopped myself subconciously before needle pierced!But I'm sure youre levels will rebound,sometimes whites are high because you have a cold or infection,iron is for reds only. Thoughts and Prayers are with you!!