Looking for advice and or reassurance please

Diagnosed July 2012 with Papilledema, IIH and 4 aneurysms… 1 R MCA, 2 L MCA and 1 base. VP shunt fitted Oct 2012.
Recently (around new yr) I have been experiencing ‘those’ pressure headaches on waking, straining ect and about 3 weeks ago experienced the first signs of a nasal drip. I saw my GP about this yesterday afternoon as it’s ‘not normal’ and he said he’d refer me back to Southampton Neuro.
Whilst out today I missed a call from Southampton requesting I return there call ASAP.
I’m a lil concerned really how quick their contact with me has been and what the next step maybe?

Hi Lindsay, Try to chill and not pre-emp anything! Just like you I have 1 x R MCA AND 2 x L MCA'S UNTREATED! I have had 1 x Basilar and 1 x Opthalmic treated by coiling and stents!

Needless to say straining is to be avoided, I go to gym but do not strain, that is simply common sense, as for a nasal drip I have had sinus since I was a kid and a periodic nasal drip is common for me for 40 years, so chill!

Do not jump to conclusions too quickly, call them tomorrow, get some feedback from them if any, as they may not discuss this on the phone, get an appointment with the specialist and chat it through.

The main thing is to try to relax, not easy, but you need to do it!

Let us know how it goes after your appointment>

Best wishes and cheers for now!


Lindsay, Martin knows of which he speaks! Remember to breathe. Spring is around the corner and the earth is getting ready with pollen and all that.

Learn to tighten your core when picking up things and using your legs. Learn to squat and not bend. If you’re straining when in the bathroom, ask them what you can do besides increasing your fiber and fluid intake. My neurologist is really into prescribing magnesium oxide for a variety of things, headaches, migraines, generalized pain and bathroom straining. Perhaps they have something similiar where you live.

Thank you both of you. I’ve spoken to someone at the hospital this morning and the person who called isn’t back in before Monday, I’ve been asked to phone back then. This has also eased my fears because if anyone was super worried it would be them.

Hi Lindsay, Chill and have a good weekend, keep us posted, all will be fine.



Just had a phone call from the hospital to say they want to see me this afternoon and overnight if I can get there.

Hi Lindsay, Probably just a precaution, go there, let them check you out and reassure you that all is good.

Try to relax


Hi Lindsay, What was the feedback from your appointment?