Advice please guys

Ok, sorry if i sound like I'm paranoid but I'd like to ask for some advice please!

I've been feeling a bit unwell all day today and have a terrible headache that no amount of painkillers are improving. It is bad but not 'thunderclap', just really bad head. Also my temp is bit on the low side which is strange and my neck is feeling stiff.

Am I being paranoid or do you think i should toodle down to a&e? Don't want to seem like a hypochondriac!

Thank you! xx

Hi sue, thanks for your reply.

I have an untreated aneurysm on the right ICA which is compression my pituitary stalk. I am currently waiting for a coiling. Every time I get a bad headache I panic! :-)

Hi Kerry, I had an 8mm on my left ICA clipped in April. My aneurysm was found through a routine eye exam; however, thinking back I can recall having a stiff neck on several occasions before it was diagnosed. Fortunately I never had any headaches but did have some twitches around my eye and the left side of my face. My aneurysm was compressing my left optice nerve. Do you have any plans for treatment?