Hi all,
I am new to this group, but I had an aneurysm rupture in March. I have both a coil and internal shunt. I am thankful for this online community, I have learned so much!
I was wondering if anyone is experiencing lightheadedness? It feels similar to having water in your ears. I hope this symptom will eventually disappear. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


Hi I had a rupture in January and am thankful I found this group, it is very helpful like you said!
Sometimes I have felt like I have water in one of my ears but that comes and goes, it’s not very often. I also have a ringing in my ear now and then.
I don’t know if you have ever had your ears flushed? Next time your at the doctors ask them about it. They will look in your ears and if they need to be flushed they will do it. That may give you some relief. I have had my ears flushed in the paSt. I’m not saying you have blood in them but you may have a little. Or just wax buildup that you can’t get to yourself.
It could also just be something you have, as you are seeing everyone is different.
When I’ve been laying down and I get up I feel like my head adjusts slower to me getting up then my body does. It gives me a headache but it usually doesn’t last long. But it happens all the time. And it never happened in the past

Welcome again! Yes to lightheaded feelings for a few months after rupture. I had to be recoiled around six months after my rupture so it was pretty much nine months or so. Just get up slow and easy, try not to bend your neck too much, anything that can give your brain time to catch up with what your change of position is. If you’re walking and experience it, stopping for a couple of seconds can help. Those first few months can be a whole new learning curve, be patient with yourself. Of course if it’s happening all the time, or you’re feeling concerned, reach out to your surgeon. And don’t forget to hydrate and eat, sometimes the answer is with the smallest of things we do.