Pulsatile tinnitus

Hi there, I'm brand new to this group and had a ruptured aneurysm just over a year ago. My recovery after coiling has been good with few physical side effects for which I am so grateful. I've recently started having a weird heartbeat sensation in my right ear which is not painful, just very disconcerting as everything to do with my head gets me into a panic! I've researched a little and it sound like it may be Pulsatile tinnitus which is tinnitus that coincides with your heartbeat - any comments? Thank you!

I would keep a record of your blood pressure just in case that is an issue. My husband (no aneurysm) has the sensation when his blood pressure goes up. Me, I have ear pain post coiling, not bad just annoying (advil/tylenol helps). Please go to doctor for issue, he/she can help lead you in the right direction. Good luck.

Thank you lorac, I think a visit to my GP is a good idea :)

Since my rupture n five opperations I get ringing in my ears. It does not happen all the time but does happen.

I used to get that on teh side of my aneurysm (which was a giant one) before it was diagnosed, but I haven't had it since coiling/occlusion. Presumably I was noticing (hearing) turbulent flow in the aneurysm. Immediately post op I noticed a similar one on the other side. BP was fine, though a little higher than pre op. My theory is that there was increased flow on the other side to compensate for the carotid artery on the affected side that had been occluded. I still notice it occasionally (3.5 years post op) though it has gradually reduced with time. I have no new aneurysms.

Have you talked to your doctor? An early symptom of my ruptured aneurysm was the exact tinnitus you are describing. Please talk to your doctor.

My rupture and coiling was over four years ago, and I have heard my pulse in my head every single minute since then. All my angiograms and MRA’s have been fine. I wouldn’t worry, but do mention it to your doctor.

Yes do mention it to eye, ear, and nose Dr. The woman had a tiny hole develop. They did surgery and all ok now. Dr. has to know about this or go to a specialist at large hospital

I would speak to your neurosurgeon’s office first, then get checked by an ENT. I had so many strange symptoms the first year that were panic-inducing (a clicking sound in my sinuses, headaches, loss of smell, a horrible ear infection). I think most are part of the healing process and a result of major surgery. But it’s always good to check :slight_smile:

Three years prior to my rupture I has it with increase in heart rate. It has since stopped agree my rupture 3/29/13 - but I’ve heard many people who still have it. There are also many people with this symptom who don’t have our issues :wink: I have started developing tinnitus though, and I know how annoying! Xo!

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Kate - glad to hear you’re going to call your GP. I have always been able to hear /feel my pulse in my ear especially when I’m laying down and have my arm under my ear it’s like the sea. It’s not related to my brain in the least, just a wee bit of tachycardia. Because they had to reduce my heart meds, I have learned to control it with deep breathing. It may not always reduce my pulse, but it gets my mind focused on something else.

Hi there. I have had tinnitus(ringing in ears) for years. I had ear surgery for drainage tubes, 4 weeks before getting sick with aneurysm. June 17th was 1 year anni of the anni and its been a long journey and i know i have a longer way to go. I have found that Reactine for allergies helps me. Sometimes the noise in my head seems unbelievable. I try to concentrate on things like tv, reading, cooking, crafts, pets or phone calls. Everybody deals with difficult challenges everyday and i have many blessings that i am grateful. Think positive, it feeds your mind, body and soul. Enjoy the summer and have a great fathers day weekend. Bye.

I know this is a late response to this conversation, but I just wanted to add my experience in case someone else finds themselves in a similar situation. My mom and sister have both had ruptures, so I have routine scans. (every 5 years) This past December, I began having the sound of my heart beat, non stop in my right ear. Worse at night! After a little googling by my husband and I, thought I should see a Dr. The first Dr I saw, had never heard of it, and told me to go to my ENT. His english was poor, I am in Canada, so its socialized medicine, and honestly our health care has gone down the tubes. Here we need a referral to see an ENT, so I obviously didn’t have an ENT. The next day I went to the hospital, as I was in a small town, where I was visiting. I waited 4 hours to see a DR., and the ER Dr., told me the Radiology Dept. was busy, and she looked at a previous scan from 2011, and told me since I wasn’t having other neurological symptoms to go back to Vancouver and have my GP request another scan. So I see my GP, and she puts a rush into have a scan. I get a call from Lions Gate Hospital to have the Scan done, and they said they were booking in August, this was in January! I know, socialized medicine is a joke. I told them this wasn’t good enough, they told me to call the hospital at Whistler. Whistler didn’t have an appointment, but I asked for a cancellation, or told them I would pay at a private clinic downtown. They called the following day and got me in. After the scan, I called my GP’s office 4 x and asked her staff to have her call me if there was a problem. Well I received a call at the End of April from a Neuro office, to book an appointment. I said regarding my scan for aneurysms? She said yes for your aneurysms. So I of course broke down, had no idea I had any, I have changed DR’s since. Anyhow, the joys of socialized medicine. There isn’t a lot of information on line about Pulsatile Tinnitus and its relevance to Aneurysms. I have two; one that is 2.6mmx1.7mm and the other is 6.4mmx4.0mm. Have an appointment June 4th, 2018. Hoping for the best, super stressed obviously.

I’ve had tinnitus my entire life but after my craniotomy it has been much worse! Mine does not correspond with my heartbeat like yours but it is very loud now. I’m scheduling more appointments to have it checked out but right now I have no answers.