Left side Paralysis after 10 days stenting

My son, Parth is from India. He was accidentally detected of a 1.7cm Annie during a CT scan after being injured on forehead while playing foot ball at his school a month ago.
Later we immediately got a DSA done to conclude to a flow divertor ( stenting done, in Mumbai, India.
After 3 days in ICU he got discharged and all looked fine.
After 10 day he got a infract on LMV motor sensory nerves with a a minor infract.
Now he is very weak on left side of shoulder arms and left leg.
He can move but only if supported by some one.
Please tell me how much fast can he recover with physio therapy
and medicine or please suggest any best methods.

I’m saddened for you and your son, but there is hope. He needs to want to recover, not just in words but thoughts and feelings as well. I’m not a medical expert, but Physical Therapy can do wonders if one is willing to do it, do all the homework, and continue with the exercises. He needs to have a lot of determination. Help him set goals that PT has for him. Do not give up would be my message to your son. His brain has a good chance of finding new pathways but it will be a life lesson in patience.

As a Caregiver, you will need to encourage him to do all he can without you hovering. It’s a very fine line between healthy encouragement and enabling.

Good luck and please keep us posted!

Because of the multiple traumas to his brain and body, he may seem to be in shock, with dulled emotions. This has been my personal experience, so I guess it might happen to other people, too. If he seems a bit unemotional about his current reality, you might try encouraging him to find his ability to be angry. This could help him be motivated to stick with his recovery program.

Hello I have had two stenting on my aneurysm. Both times I have had weakness and needed walking stick. I hope I can give you comfort in telling you that after physio it gradually improved I do still get very tired but I have also had breast cancer and 4 strokes. Keep strong and he will get the strength from you. :pray:t2:

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My mum had a bleed due to a ruptured AVM. Her left side was paralysed as there was a ‘massive’ clot. However, with intense physio, she recovered fully within 4 months. She hated the physio and would shout at them to leave her alone but the hard work was worth it in the end. She was in her late 50s when she had this first bleed so hopefully it’ll be a quicker recovery with your son. Take the advice of his neurosurgeon also. :pray:

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