Stroke after Clipping of Aneurysm

My beautiful daughter, Sarah, underwent surgery at U.C. Irvine in December 2012, just two days after her 19th birthday. The surgery was successful and the golfball sized aneurysm was clipped, however following the surgery, she suffered a stroke, which left her paralyzed on her left side. She was in intensive care for 5 days, then moved to Loma Linda Hospital for acute Inpatient rehab for a month.

Sarah has continued with outpatient physical and occupational rehab for the past 6 weeks and is doing very well, walking with a leg brace and beginning to move her arm. She is still unable to move her fingers and we are trying a device known as a Sabo-Flex. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who also suffered a stroke following aneurysm repair surgery and what exercises or equipment was helpful in their recovery.

Sarah will undergo another angiogram in April. She is scared, and says she will not undergo any more brain surgeries. I am happy that she is not experiencing any pain, but at times feels a little down because she cannot bounce back as quickly as she had hoped and realizes she still faces a long road ahead. She has wonderful support from her family and friends and she is blessed

Hello Judy,

It always seems harder to read of things happening to young people, it's every parents worst nightmare to see something happening to there children and feeling completely helpless to do anything to relieve there pain, it must of been a traumatic few months for all the family. It's good to read that's she's on the road to recovery and fortunately she has the stamina of youth on her side. Unfortunately these sort of injuries do take long time to recover from and in time learning to accept that progress is slow, patience is essential. Is she getting any psycological help this sometimes is as important as the physical support. Best Wishes john & Sue


The really good news is that she is young so she can regrow the synapses and neurons needed to improve her left side. Never give up hope.

Hi Judy,

I've had two aneursyms, 1 in 1998 that was clipped and the other in 2006 which was coiled and then a clipping in 2010 to re-address the coils IAfter my aneurysm in 2006 I had some right sided paralysis to deal with, not huge but significant enough. At home the best practice for me was to be on the computer and play games that test the response time, games to work both the mind and the right side of my body...after I was feeling well enough I chose walking in getting my strength back ...both really did help me tremendously. Loma Linda is a great hospital-- I was at St. Joes in Orange last time around, but theres no question LL is one of the best. Peace to you and your daughter, this has got to be so hard on all of you. Take care, Janet

Hello Judy, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I have also suffered a stroke after coiling of an aneurysm 18 mos ago. The physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy really helped me even though I still suffer from some cognitive skills, short term memory loss and I lost my peripheral vision on my right eye, so I have not been able to go back to work. But your daughter is young and she can still bounce back. I found that being on the computer, reading and word search puzzles help with the memory. I also suffered from depression after surgery and I was prescribed an antidepressant that really helped me to deal with the every day mood swings.

Thanks to everyone who sent such wonderful words of kindness, encouragement and great ideas. I have shared each one with Sarah and we are both so happy to have found this great website and wonderful online community. Sarah continues to amaze me each day with her sheer determination and tenacity. Today she got dressed, and did her hair and makeup all by herself. Sure some days are harder than others as we learn to navigate through this new reality we face, but we are always amazed and thankful that each day gets better and a little easier. Our prayers and best wishes are sent to you and your families.

So good to hear that Sarah is doing better- this is a long road and therapy is really the most important- physical and mental- "sheer determination and tenacity"- well put- My best to Sarah, yourself and your family

Hi Judy Rose,

I’m sorry to read about your daughter’s aneurysm and stroke. You’ve received some really good information from
Janet and Dalia. Ed’s point about youth being on Sarah’s side is also very good. I have come to understand that youth was a key factor in my recovery. I also had an aneurysm rupture when I was 19. That was more than 43 years ago.

I understand Sarah’s fear and I pray that she will not need another surgery. I have unruptured aneurysms that I have elected not to have clipped or coiled. This is, of course, a very personal decision and not many people have the “stomach” for living with unruptured annies.

May God bless Sarah with a complete and speedy recovery. May He also lead her to make the decision re: future treatment that is the best for her.

Take care.