Learned something today

As some may know we ask odd things at the odd times to odd people, one question i kept asking is why am i tingling and of course because i have anxiety it got blamed on that. WELL I DO DECLARE they were wrong. I changed my dr got with a new one and it turns out to be nerve damage as i always thought just wanted to say dont take any answer and accept it, KEEP GOING. NOW THE FUN BEGINS.

i guess not the anxiety would be the feet but not the hands, i always knew something wasnt right. cause a few months after surgery i started buzzing, lol.NEURAL FORAMINAL NARROWING

You go girl!!!

So glad that you didn't accept!!!

My thoughts and prayers are here for you...



Some nerves can repair...others do not...When you have time, pull up cranial nerves and peripheral nerves...I have issues all down my left body continued through 8 years...

The initial diagnosis you had is soooo common...i.e. like depression and hypertension...I was treated as depressed following two MVAsfollowed by the headaches and finally, multiple ruptures...worse...the treatment.

The common term "anxiety" generates N/V... for some of us...

Hugs and prayers for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


oh i know some can repair and i appreciate you taking the time out to answer, but i always knew this was different so they wanted to dope me up on all meds and thank god i refused.

happy holidays to you.

TG you refused...I am not a believer in meds except for certain specific long-term types/needs...

I take no meds...

My son says every now and then that he gets a little tingling sensation along his scar line or in that general area. The doctors told us that can be normal and it was the nerves firing and such. But with our situation, I agree with what you did. NEVER accept something if it doesnt appear right. You did the right thing.

i know we tingle and such but the xrays show the proof and that i cant argue with.