Numb Feet

Does anyone else experience numbness/tingling in their feet? I can't seem to find any professional top commit to a cause- frustrating! My feet (both) typically have some numbness upon wakening that usually subsided once up and moving around, lately, the tingling is intermittent throughout the day. No pain involved. Thanks for any feedback- D

Stopped by to say "Hello" and happy to see you Dana...not happy about the tingling in the feet...I do not experience this in my feet...I hope some one here can help you out...

Wishing you well...~ Gotcha in my Heart ~ Colleen

I too have numbness and tingling in my feet, but mine occurs after alot of walking...had an ultrasound on my legs and was told that because of how long I spent in a coma and inactive I had some nerve damage. I wear pressure socks (or sexy socks as I like to call them) when I know I am going to be on my feet for more than an hour or two. I understand your frustration with trying to get answers...after everything we have pushed through, now you have numb feet - enough already. I asked my Neurologist about it and was told that nerves do regenerate but it is ridiculously slow so have patience. I think brain aneurysm survivors are some of the most patient people on the planet :)

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I had some numbness in my right pinky toe recently. Mine was due to some back issues I have though. There was an incident that caused some inflammation. Anything happen to your back before this? Do you see a chiropractor by any chance?

Colleen! hope all is well with you- good to say "Hi"- D


A number of us have some tingling; a friend in cancer recovery has called it peripheral neuropathy... I asked (fairly recent discussion) if that related to cancer treatment...or all the rad/contrast from initial diagnosis to all the f/ups...she did not know...also some of us are...

My brief...left lower arm/hand...then from piriformis muscle twitching down to cramping in my left foot...I do take mild potassium, double a day or two if it again cramps and back to mild...My PCP used a completely diff term...and, I will have to locate old data to remember/share...for a short time, I had the restless leg syndrome in my left leg...and, it stopped in apx a year or so...

An incidental left two toes next to big toe...cannot flex separation tho go up/down right foot is normal...(like flexing our fingers out)...

Then stroke symptoms...sudden numbness, tingling, weakness or loss of movement...noting no one will wait if any begin suddenly...

You may want to "ask the doc"... about it...and, hope for lots of response ask your doc...


Mary...thx for your has been 10 years for me...and my left body issues have not changed...other than the restless leg stopping...

Hey Dana...How are things going? Are you still experiencing the numbness/tingling of feet? Have you gone to your are in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

hi Dana! yes my whole left side is numb and painful at the same time since my sah 4 yrs ago, is this a new development? from what i understand it's the damage from the rupture, good to see you again! ttyl~

Ron- Yes, new about 8 months ago- it has really affected my life in that, I cannot drive (safely) anymore- I have been seeking answer from various DR's- to no avail! My surgeons office felt that it was NOT related to my SAH

Colleen! Things are OK- Yes, I am still experiencing it and getting frustrated in trying to find out why-long story-

Talk soon. hope all i well-D

Yes! Particularly my toes..... I don't notice any reasons why it is usually random....

I get numbness/tingling in both my hands and my feet. Sometimes that hands or feet feel like wood as it they have no circulation in them at all. That gets pretty scary. When it first started, I looked for causes as well. It's been 7 1/2 years since my rupture. The tingling started about 6 months ago. I haven't discerned any type of pattern that would account for why it starts and stops. It's been almost 2 years since my last neuro check-up because I was doing so well. However, with this and other new symptoms appearing, I may need to go in for more evaluation. Sorry, I don't have an answer for you as to cause.

Tiffany- I experience the same feeling (heavy, wooden) in my legs & feet- I notice it while in bed- perhaps because I am doing nothing else but trying to move my legs under the cover? Who knows. I feel quite naive (and disheartened) when I think- I have overcome this SAH- I won! ...then something else crops up- to give me pause- will it never end? I also feel like whatever issues I have stem from this SAH- whether right or wrong-


How long has it been since your SAH?

Saturday was 4 years, 6 weeks in coma, 4 months hospitalized

hi dana I have numbness on entire left side- head to toe, and pain in all joints and entire left foot - it is from the damage of the bleed on the brain, brain controls everything, your other foot sounds like a pinched nerve, I am 4 yrs post sah too and still have hopes and dreams- trying to hold onto that!~~

Hi Dana,

I get tingling in my toes and sometimes in my arm or legs. I also get the feeling of heaviness in one arm and leg. I stopped taking solgar multivitamins incase it was inked to the vitamin B6 (75mg) but the tingling still persists. I contacted Solgar and they said the dose was too low to experience tingling and my doctor also agreed. I have had a blood test to check my vitamin B12 levels as my doctor said low levels can cause this.I get my results tomorrow.

The neurologist said it could be linked to migraine without a headache, following the coiling of my unruptured aneurysm 10 moths ago. I am not taking any meds so its not a side effect.

Eve x