Large neck aneurism? Success?

Hi everyone, I just became a member and can already feel the support so thanks in advance. I feel fortunate because I found an enraptured aneurism 6 mm in my right aca-fortunate and scared silly…the neurosurgeon thought coiling is the best attack and my husband and I agree as it seems the less invasive of our options. The scary part is that he is concerned because it is a wide neck aneurism- has anyone had success with coiling of a wide neck aneurism or success of any kind with one?I have read of new techniques using balloons that are effective. My surgery is scheduled for November 30. I have a
17 mo old at home so I am scared for recovery time( amongst other things). I appreciate any feed back and send prayers and positive thoughts to everyone out there! Thanks Heather

Oh unruptured not enraptured;)))

My aneurysm had a fairly wide neck and was coiled and also needed to be stented, and some people get freaked at the thought of a stent, but I am ENDLESSLY RELIEVED to have the stent - it covers the opening, and resulted in a 100% successful outcome.

I know this is a really tough time - the waiting is difficult. I also chose coiling, and am very happy with my choice. At myl 6mos follow up, my doctor said it's no longer technically an aneurysm, and risk of future problems is less than 99.8% which is very nice to hear!

Hi Heather and Welcome to BAF...!

It will be one year on the 30th of November that I was coiled on my 9mm basilar tip (unruptured, but leaky) aneurysm...I will be saying prayers and sending positive thoughts your way...My annie had a small neck so I didn't have a stent put in ... there were many here at BAF who do have stents and have done well...

I do hope you will have help with the family in taking care of your 17 month old when you come home from hospital...

Cyber~healing thoughts your way...Colleen

Hi Heather,

My annie was 5.6 right ICA and wide necked. I was not a candidate for coiling, but, I was for the onyx (liquid embolization). The surgery is not bad, the recovery requires a lot of rest. I have my 6 month follow-up in December and I look forward to hearing it is "no worries".

Prayers and quick healing for you! Keep us posted with any concerns.


Hi Heather and welcome to BAF!!

On June 8, 2011, I received the PED implant (actually have 2 PEDs telescoped) for an unruptured 9mm right internal carotid artery annie near the ophthalmic artery. I also have a watch and wait 2mm left side ICA annie. I was approximatley the 8th recipient of the PED in my area and I was given the PED after an attempt to coil my annie failed due to its wide mouth . The PED was FDA approved for use in the US in April, 2011, but has been used outside the US for quite some time. Our own Giovanni is in Italy and he received the PED quite some time ago. I am not sure of the PED's use outside of the internal carotid artery as the April 2011 FDA approval was for annies in the ICA areas.

Altough my coiling failed, I can tell you that the PED surgery was quite easy as compared to a clipping, 1 overnight stay in ICU and home the following day. I do take 81 mg of aspirin and Plavix for 6 months (my 6 month follow up angio is in December) and hopefully I can stop the Plavix then. The aspirin I will be on for the rest of my life.

I do hope you have helpto assist you after your surgery. I was placed on a weight lift restriction and also a driving restriction after my surgery and I'm sure the same will be true since the coiling is done like the PED via a catheter through the femoral artery and into the brain.

Best wishes and please keep us posted on your surgery and recovery