Coiling on October 23, 2012

I'm looking forward to getting the procedure done, although anxious and nervous. Not for the actual coiling, but for the uncertainty if the coiling can be done, due to it being wide necked. My surgeon advised me that if either side of the artery is a different size than the other, the stents won't hold and then they have to do an open procedure. So, the uncertainty can be a little nerve wracking. Well, best of luck to everyone with their upcoming procedures.

I will send prayers and good thoughts your way!

hi cheryl! Praying now for a successful coiling & speedy recovery! thank you for sharing-hopefuly the kind support on this site will ease the nervousness, maybe try some relaxation tapes and prayer. Keep us posted and try to remain positive-just one more hurdle i keep saying!

Praying that coiling will work....if not, prayers for a great surgery and a quick recovery!!!!

Praying for you & your family! Please keep us posted on your recovery. I hope Dr is able to coil your aneurysm so you don't have an open procedure. (((((hugs))))))