Ladies, did you cover your heads after surgery?

I am just wondering if you ladies that had the clipping done covered up your heads during recovery. I have three young kids and I don't want to scare them with my head after surgery. What, if anything, did you wear to cover your head?

Nope...never bothered to cover my head after any of my surgeries...How old are your little ones Terri? I know you mentioned that was a concern before....I'd reassure them that no one has hurt you, (you'll also be rather bruised up in the face--infact the bruising might be more frightening to them than the actual scar of the craniotomy I'd think) So be sure to prepare them--and you--for that as well. Best of Luck Terri! you (and the kids) will be fine .


Hi Terri, I did have the clipping done and no, I didn't cover my head during recovery. My daughter and granddaughters live with me, they were 4 and 8 at the time and they didn't have a problem with it. They actually found the staples in my head fascinating. I think you should base it on your children though. You could always just keep a scarf on and ask them if they want to see it if you think it may upset them.

good luck :)

My daughters are 6 1/2 and my son is 4.

Hi Terri,

I had a clipping on November 20, 2012. I didn't cover my head either. The cut was in the middle front of my hairline and went towards the left of my head starting at about 1/2" gradually to about 1-1/2" down towards my ear. I parted my hair on the right and was able to sweep it over enough to hide the scar. I put hair spray on that area to hold the hair in place. I have very thin hair but that seemed to work very well. Even my surgeon was amazed because it looked like my hair had already grown back. I was lucky as well in that I had no bruising and not too much swelling. Make sure you talk to your surgeon and find out exactly where they are shaving. I bought some hats but hardly wore them. Good luck to you and I'm sure everything will work out fine. Take care,


I had the coiling done but they had to put a shunt in. They shaved only the top part of my head. I felt like a through back to bad 80s hair for a period of time. I was pretty excited to be on this side of the ground after my rupture so I just told everyone I was channeling in inner Rod Stewart. I wasn’t given a choice in the matter because I have 20 days that I can’t recall. If I had the choice I think I’d just tell them to shave it all & start over. Have seen my " original" color in years. Lol!. I had some hats but it was too warm for them.

Hi Terri,

My surgery is a week after yours. Same question have worried me too ! I did order a few stretchy headbands( from amazon) to cover the area ..I have seen some pictures on this website with bandanas and headbands which looked pretty good. As most people have pointed out these might not be needed but I want to be prepared. I am not sure how my kids would handle it either. I did show them some pictures online...

take care


Hi Terri

I had craniotomy and clipping August 2012 I was amazed that they didn't take my hair off. He shaved the thinnest line and kept incision within the hairline. I did have major bruising though. at my follow up I mentioned the hair and he said "I know what you ladies are like with your hair, I would prefer to do more but I don't if I can get away with it" but he doesn't do this with the men!

Maybe mention this to your surgen and he may give it a go?

hope all goes well for you


I didn't cover my head . With a clipping I had to much "head pain " to even wear a hat " But none of my grandkids were scared by it . they just knew I was ALIVE and better !! keep it positive for them . good luck and god bless .

Hi Terri - I was much like the rest of the ladies that commented. I had surgery May 2012 and so very little hair was shaved that you couldn't tell at all. My son was 3 at the time and he is a very sensitive little man so while the staples were in, I just wore a scarf tied loosely around my head. After those were out, there was no need for anything. My daughter was 1 at the time and she had no concerns. ;-)

Best of luck to you and your family.



I had my clipping just over a month ago. I was very worried that my two year old would be afraid of me after surgery- I was SO blessed that this wasn't the case. I did stay in the hospital a couple extra days because of a cycle of EXTREME migraines- but i still had a little swelling and black and blue to my right eye when I got home. My daughter did much better than I expected. Honestly, my surgeon did an AMAZING job with cutting little to no hair. I attached a few pictures. #1 is in the hospital on day 3. #2 &3 are on day 11 post op.

359-IMG_1188.JPG (874 KB) 360-IMG_1822.JPG (1.04 MB) 361-IMG_1825.JPG (863 KB)

Cordie- You look great. Thank you for the pictures. Wishing you continued success with your recovery.


I didn’t want scare my niece and nephews after my surgery either, but they understood I had gotten “sick” and was getting better. I would cover my surgical site with a loose scarf though because I was self concious . My nephews of course wanted to see my cut. They thought that was “so cool”. I say do what feels comfortable for you.