A Thanks to Colleen and a little teasing about her Pic!


It's great to see that someone (ahem Jim??) finally showed you, our resident BAF concierge and newbie greeter, on how to post her pic!!

Nice to see you finally did it Colleen!! as Gaynor would say.... whoooopppp whoooppppp!!!!

Thank you so much for doing what you do for all the new people here...greeting them and making them feel like you did when I came here...like I found my home!

To you, many cyber hugs!!



I 2nd the above...need the "big Like button" again!


Linda...first thanks to you for this acknowledgement...Colleen has been wonderful and her picture is, too... Michelle has been very active and helpful, too; and, that is so needed for the new. There are some others...and my memory blanks on names...

Hugs and blessings to all of you....

You are right Pat and everyone here is so wonderful, but I'd end up listing each and every member!!!

Thanks, Linda....the list would be lost somewhere in my memory; and I am in the process of learning my new computer. I can only do one subject at a time; and, my tech was here Saturday and Monday; and by phone on T/W. When I learn all these changes, it may be a time to start a list of names; but I need faces w/names. I remember faces...what I call visual flash memory; I do not remember conversations and/or very limited. I will write more about this later. I have to get back to learning a new project; i.e. for the first new Quicken 12 reconcilation...

I have tried over and over to put my profile picture on here with no success .So if any of you are dying to see my face (LOL) , look me up on facebook . I somehow managed to figure out how to do it on there .

Ah Linda...you are so sweet...pic is me showing a huge bottle of wine that was being auctioned at a cancer event...so I feel like I am a bit crooked in pic because I cut the bottom part out...must tell you...it took me forever to figure how to get my pic on this site...and yup...that Jim...drove me crazy...hahahaha...!

Thank~you Linda for your kindness...just "paying it forward"...

Merry Christmas sweetie and a Happy and HEALTHY New Year...!

Cyber~hugs and Healing thoughts Colleen

Psssst...Your the best Colleen...xoxoxoxoxo

Jim your not bad yourself..hehe..xoxoxox