Does anyone else feel like the headaches will never end and there is no answer?

I had a brain tumor and next to it was an aneurysm. The surgeon clipped it and I had a "good" check up a year later. The problem is...I have headaches everyday! Some days are worse than others but the really "bad head days" as I call them are BAD! Nothing helps. I don't even remember the last day I didn't have a headache. My doctor gave me flexaril for the head but lately the headaches are so bad that the flexaril doesnt even work. I have done everything within my power to help the situation. I cut out a lot of sugar, artificial sweetners, nail polish...anything that seemed to trigger it.

Has anyone found a medication that helps? I feel like this aneurysm is taking my life. I miss out on so much because of the pain.

Please advice! Thank you! =)


We just had my wife's Neurosurgeon confirm on Monday, a theory we presented to him, as being a highly plausable trigger of headaches in clipped patients. He makes the second Doctor now that really believes that our theory is correct. The theory is extremely complicated but has to do with components of electrical devices. You seem to have ruled out most of the other suspects for the headaches so I would suggest you try the following (but believe me it won't be easy to do): The list of electrical devices are numerous but the largest offenders in my wife's case are printers and copiers, video monitor, microwave ovens, CFL light bulbs, and TV digital converter boxes. Assuming you live in a single home with no closeby neighbors (about 100 feet) you can pull this test off by simply unplugging these devices for one or two days and see if your headaches are reduced. If you live in a apartment, condo or townhouse complex the results won't be as clear because you can't control your neighbor's devices. Also, if you have high power lines or transformers nearby your home (about 250 feet) this would also interfere with your test.

The simplist explanation for why this occurs is very similar to the concept of how electric dog fences work. In addition, the metal used is located around that body's most pain sensitive areas - our skulls.

I wish you good luck and I sympathize with your pain as my wife is just now getting over a three day migraine. She's had these episodes quite frequently since her 1994 clipping and it was only 1 1/2 years ago that we zereoed in on the triggers.

I take Ferocet for the really bad day headaches...I feel for you...I have them too...and know that they are my "new normal"...I hate saying this, but I try and remember it could be worse...talk to your neurologist see if she/he can suggest something else for your headaches...

I wish I had more suggestions...I struggle with the same (b4 my coiling of my annie...I barely had headaches, except for the really really bad "one")...it is frustrating I know...and others don't seem to understand...

Gotcha in my Thoughts Sweetie...I hope we both get some good suggestions...Hugs Colleen

Almost all of us seem to have the head pressure to headache... You were blessed with surviving both a tumor and an aneurysm....Can/will you provide more info on the tumor...what, if any treatmet you had for it, the proximity to the aneurysm? You are amazing to have done so well over all...

Many blessings and continued prayers for your health...


Ed...you are amazing for your follow-up/check-up...and, it seems so natural....so logical...

Talking of electrical dog fences... years ago when I greeted my dobie...I'd ask if she had a good day...If yes, she would literally smile...and, if she had not, she would walk into the room to her bed... and I would need to see what she had erroneously chewed...OK smile...she had no electrical fence...

Back to the real side of this...thank you for all you are doing / sharing...we need so much of it...for recovery...


Absolutely! I AM very blessed to be here after it all. Actually, I was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Or many know as "brittle bones." After genetic testing and all, they still dont have an answer as to why I had a tumor. It was not cancer or a hard substance. My Neurologist told my family that he had never seen anything like my brain (my different genetics I assume) but finally he took a chance and drained the fluid from the tumor...he said it shot across the room. My brain issues were left side, middle cerebral artery. I am not a doctor but my theory is that the anuerysm was leaking somehow...after 35 years it had too much fluid and put so much pressure. The pressure feeling is different now. I describe it as a swelling. My brain swells and causes that throbing all over. Most days it feels like a bad sinus infection including pain in the back of my head.

Ed, that theory is VERY helpful. I can see how electric could be a reason! As a matter of fact, I stopped using my cell phone a few months back because I read that cells can cause brain tumors.

Thank you all for your well wishes. It is a very hard battle, but I still hold out hope that there is a solution and soon I will be better. Thank you for sharing with me as well. Keeping all those touched by an anuerysm in my prayers. It is a battle.

April, I suffer from NDPH (new daily persistent headache) which is a primary headache disorder that is often triggered by an infection, viral illness or surgery. Mine started after a viral illness in October 2009. When I had an MRV/MRA for the headache last year it showed an incidental finding of a 5mm aneurysm that I have recently been advised to have clipped.

As far as medications, I have had success with a couple of preventatives that have brought my daily pain levels down from 5-8/10 to 1-2/10. I use amitriptyline in combination with topamax and in the last 6 months I added a protocol by Dr Todd Rozen from Geisinger Medical Centre of doxycycline and singulair. The doxy and singulair have ant-inflammatory properties that have greatly reduced my pain, but they tend to work mostly on headaches that start after a viral illness. Amitriptyline can make you drowsy, so it is great if you get pain at night and need help to sleep. If you have no luck with it you could try topamax, but it does have side effects that some people cannot tolerate. Maybe discuss starting a daily preventative with your GP or ask him to refer you to a neurologist who specialises in headaches.

I also tried a full elimination diet to see if I could identify any triggers, but the only things that made any notable difference was eliminating caffeine (including chocolate), artificial flavours, colours and preservatives, msg etc. I think trying to eat natural unprocessed food instead of canned, frozen, packaged or take away fast food helps in the long run.

Best of luck and I hope your pain settles down soon.


I feel your pain… The headache control each and every day… I was given 2 different kinds of meds but didnt like the side effects of one and the other just didnt work. I have been taking excedrin migraine and most of the times seems to calm the beast, but there are times it just doesnt help… My neuro has refered me to yet another Dr in the city who is spposed to be a good headache specialist… He better be worth the trip and time off work… I will keep you posted if I find something that works… ugh so fusrating