Just had pipeline surgery thurs and blurry in left eye!

pipeline surgery two more stents in along with a third done year ago and I'm blurry in my eft eye. Has anyone experienced this and is it normal and will it eventually go away?

Hi Deb,
I’ve been one of the lucky ones to not have had any issues after my PED procedure. I think, this would be a time, that a call to your surgeon is necessary. Even though our members are a wealth of information, something which that has an affect on your vision should be discussed with a doctor. I do remember myself being told if I had any vision issues that I should contact him immediately. But my aneurysm was just at the ophthalmic artery.
Please keep us posted.

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I had horrid pain and blurred double vision in my eye when my Aneurysm suddenly "swelled and pressed against the optic nerve"-that when it was discovered. 2 PEDs placed June 17 and eye continues to recover, still have vision difficulty and eye pain at times. I was told could take from 6 to 18 months for everything to "settle down", and hope is eye will return to normal, but I have been referred to a Neuro-Ophthalmologist very soon. I would start asking to see the same and ask your Dr's those same questions.

I had blurry vision/light floaters/depth change in my vision after my PED/Coiling procedure (left internal carotid artery/Opthalmic artery). Also felt a lot of pressure in my head, so they did a MRA/MRI a week after, and everything was normal, and occlusion was almost complete at that time. That continued for about a month, and little by little, it got better. Light floaters are what lingered. About 2 months after, felt great! Just occasional light floater. About month #4 post surgery, I began to have a lot of pain behind and on top of the eye, and had many light floaters (on and off, quite often). My ophthalmologist prescribed prednisone, and it got better after about a month. Then I got Iritis (which I used to get a lot). Just had my 6month angio, and the pain and floaters have returned, but not as often/not as strong. I would have the ophthalmologist check it, just in case! In my experience, everything seemed normal, so I am assuming they are due to the changes that occured with the procedures. Best of luck!!!

After placement of my stent, I had double-vision for a week, and then for the following 2 months I experienced nystagmus (uncontrollable eye movement which makes everything look shaky), photophobia (extreme sensitivity to light), problems with depth perception, and something called "visual midline shift" in which things that appear to be directly in front of me are really slightly off to the side--in my case, off to the right. I go for vision therapy at our local rehab hospital to deal with these issues, but I believe a lot of these symptoms cleared up on their own after time. I am continuing w/ the vision therapy just to play it safe and to be sure I make a full recovery.

Has anyone had placement of PED covering opthalmic artery? What has been your experience? Im considering for mine (one on each side) at J.Hopkins. But am concerned for vision impact and long term headaches. Thanks

Hi all had 2 PEDS FOR TWO ANNIES 3 days ago? Glad to be here. Pain in right eye and head. Is this new normal does pain go away

did you have this procedure done? what was the outcome?

did you have this done?

Hi, No I did not have any procedure done. I am monitoring the 2 aneurysms, now yearly. The last MRI in March showed no change to either aneurysm so the doctors’ recommendation is not to do any treatment but continue to monitor. They said they rarely rupture in this location, and felt risks of issues are higher if I treat vs. risk of rupture.
And you?

Surgery is scheduled for May 11th

I just had a pipeline placed at J Hopkins a few days ago. Im having headaches behind my left eye where the stent is. Did you stop having them?

Which dr did you see? Where was your aneurysm and how big?
I didnt have any treatments, im monitoring 1/year. Doctors feel theres higher risk in treating them vs risk of rupture.
I was told that with PED treatment headaches are common and can last for a year or more.
Good luck with your recovery!

I had a pipeline stent placed above a 10mm aneurysm behind my left eye on January 30th of this year. Recovery was fast, but started having migraines and pressure behind my left eye and on left side of forehead the next day. I noticed that if I let the pain (no matter how minimal in the beginning) go on to long without taking tylenol or excedrin, it would take over two hours to get on top of the pain with tylenol/excedrin. Finally after two weeks, my neurosurgeon prescribed Decadron with is a steroid that targets inflammation in the brain/eyes. Immediately after taking the Decadron, the pressure/headaches went completely away and stayed away the two weeks I was on the steroids. Unfortunately, I noticed the pressure/headaches return the next day after stopping Decadron. :frowning: BUT, I heard from a friend about an oil called copaiba (doTERRA and Edens Garden sell the oil), and she gave me some copaiba capsule samples. Within 2-3 days I noticed the headaches/pressure being less and less frequent and seem to be getting better and better everyday. Another friend who has rheumatoid arthritis told me she swears by a combination of copaiba, frankincense, and turmeric oils taken together for pain, so I’m going to try that next, and hopefully the pain/inflammation with go away. I’m posting a link about the benefits of copaiba. I take the doTERRA capsules twice a day, one with lunch, and the other with dinner. I just ordered a bottle of the capsules. It’s $46 for 60 capsules so that should last 1-2 months depending on how many you take a day. Here’s the link about copaiba: https://madewithoils.com/copaiba-oil/