Double Vision and leg pain

Hi, I am 25 years old and just had a pipeline procedure done for a giant aneurysm behind my left eye (not ruptured) on 8-21-2012. Before the surgery, I had no signs of the aneurysm, besides a small droop in my eyelid that began in March. After going to the doctor for the droopy eyelid, they did an MRI and found the aneurysm was 17 mm and recommended the Pipeline.

The procedure went perfectly and I was back to work in 5 days, functioning pretty normally. But after 2 weeks of feeling completely normal, I started to have double vision in my left eye. I never had double vision before the surgery or any vision problems at all. My double vision is so bad now that I can't drive or do much else. The doctor's say it is part of the healing. I am just wondering if anyone else experienced double vision after the surgery and if it got better, how long it took? The last few days I have also been having intense pains/numbness in my legs. I am not sure if this is because I am reducing my steroids dosage now or if I am getting blood clots in my legs, but they hurt so bad I have trouble sleeping. Anybody else experience this post surgery? I was doing so well recovering and now I am feeling somewhat discouraged. I know I am probably just trying to do to much too fast and need to take it easy.

Thanks for any answers/advice!! I really appreciate it.

Hi, Ashley. I had the clipping done for my aneurysm. . I too experienced double vision. My aneurysm was behind my right eye. I wore a patch to help me see clearly because the double vision was so bad. Mine cleared up after a month. Stay strong…although every situation is different …it will get better. Hope this helps a little. Blessings to you.


Hi Ashley...please contact your Doctor first thing tommorrow morning...and be "safe then sorry"...

and then let us know how you are doing...Cyber~thoughts your way ~Colleen

Thanks Nelly!! That is very encouraging to hear that yours eventually cleared up! I am getting nervous that I will have double vision forever but the doctors seem to think it will go away once the aneurysm clots and shrinks away. Thanks so much for your response. Really cheered me up. Take care!

Thanks so much for the response. I talked to my doctor about the leg pain and it turns out that the pharmacy made an error in the directions on my steroids. So on saturday I was supposed to start reducing the dosage, but they had me start taking a much lower dosage than was prescribed by my doctor (they skipped an entire five days of a smaller dosage) and so I had major withdrawal symptoms, including huge swelling of my legs/knees and face and leg pain. But it has gone down now and I think I am going to be fine. Just a little scary because I didn't know what was happening!! Thanks for your response and support!

Hello Ash, In Nov of 2011 I had a 1 cm aneurysm was coilded. I still have double vision. Going to get another opion on this myself. I was told that the reason for this is it is healing as well as pressing on my optic nerve. Also was diagnoised with restless leg syndrome caused by what I think the aneursym. Hope all gets beeter for. And call the Doc asap. Ashley Ackley