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Just found 6mm aneurysm

I am new here. In a scan for an unrelated matter my scan showed a 6mmx5x3 aneurysm on my brain. I’m so anxious and every headache I think it’s going to burst. I also have severe tinnitus. I am on a waiting list to see a neurosurgeon. I have high blood pressure (controlled) and high bad cholesterol. Can I have some feedback? I knew virtually nothing until I googled. Thank you.

I was in a similar situation a year ago when a CT scan revealed a small brain tumor or a large aneurysm. The MRI showed a large aneurysm. I, then, had an appointment with a neurosurgeon to determine the type of treatment. I too have high blood pressure which is controlled. Be patient. I know that is hard to do. I am confident you will see the neurosurgeon soon or perhaps ask your family doctor to find another neurosurgeon who could see you sooner. Please keep in touch. I am hoping that when you see the neurosurgeon you will be less anxious.

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Thank you for reply. My headache is constant. I thought it was due to my neck stiffness (osteo) but now thinking it’s the aneurysm causing it. I’ll try to remain positive but there is a long waiting list to see a neurosurgeon and I don’t have private health so paying for it is not an option to be seen quicker unfortunately. What treatment did you have?

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Welcome Cassiebun! First, stop and breathe. Most aneurysms never rupture. Unless it is a giant aneurysm, there are no warning signs per all the research. If you’re going to research stick with bonafide sites NIH, webmd, BAF, Joe Niekro foundation etc. take what members here, on FB etc for what it’s worth- personal experience. No medical professional will give a diagnosis over a support group system.

That being said, I didn’t have high BP or cholesterol and ruptured. Every one is different. Members will ask where it’s located as some research has the belief that certain areas will rupture before others. The only thing I can suggest is what my Neurosurgeon asks her husband- are you hydrated, what have you eaten, stress?

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Thank you! Yes you’re right. It could have been there for a long time. It’s just knowing. I am an anxious person by nature so everything is magnified for me. I will take your advice on board and wait to see what the neurosurgeon suggests.

My first treatment was coiling and stents: 21 coils and 2 stents. That was last year in December. I had to wait for my neurosurgeon to make up his mind for 2 and a half months. Then I had a cerebral angiogram and I had to wait for almost a month for the procedure. This Aug. I had another procedure…43 coils added this time. I did have pains in my head. That’s what led to the CT scan. Try to remain positive. I was told if I ever had a “thunderclap” headache to call an ambulance and go directly to an ER. Most aneurysms don’t give warnings. Mine did because it was large and it was near a nerve. I hope you don’t have to wait too long to see a neurosurgeon. Holding you in my prayers…Ida

Hi Cassie, Just breath. From what I read many people have aneurysm their whole life and never know. I recently had a clipping for a large and threatening one. My guess is that for you if they are not treating it as an emergency, it probably isn’t. Since your BP is high, try to relax.

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My beloved oldest niece is anxious as well. Try some relaxation breathing, take walks or do some type of physical exercise every day. Make sure to stay hydrated and eat regularly. A dietician I used to go to said small meals every few hours helps not only our blood sugar levels stay constant but a bunch of other things as well,

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Try not to be concerned, until you actually need to be. I waited a year to deal with mine which was a little bigger than yours. If no one is saying you need to act, my advice is to wait & learn what you can & get several opinions. Every aneurysm is unique, in size, shape, positioning, so each one is treated according to these particular parameters. The good news is you will get through this.


What means the waiting list , did they schedule an appointment and it’s long time to wait , or it’s literally waiting list just to schedule one?Before waiting for it , my be you will be able to schedule the neurologist sooner who can monitor at least ? As soon as my aneurysm was confirmed I was prescribed the aspirin daily . Just try not to be nervous , no heavy lifting , I would avoid alcohol .
Regarding headeches , peppermint essential oil from doTerra helps me to survive . Also neurologists may be able to handle that problem . Tinutitus most likely will not go away . I have it too , pretty loud )

Thanks everyone. I have headaches every day. What is the best for pain? Paracetamol doesn’t help. Maybe anti inflammatory? Aspirin? Doctor just said paracetamol. Still no word from the hospital re appointment to see neuro so just a waiting game. Not stressing as much but my head hurts every day.

Try drinking more water. Be mindful of how much NSAIDs you take as they can be hard on the stomach lining. I’m allowed two days a week and no more per my neurologist as most otc pain relievers can cause secondary headaches. Unlike gk, I cannot take aspirin daily anymore since I ruptured. Use to take it for my heart. Acetaminophen like Tylenol, can build up in your liver (experience talking) so be careful of how much you take. And call the neurosurgeon to see if they got your doctors request. You should get a date, it may not be immediately but at least you’ll know when

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Thank you so much for your reply! I took two anti inflammatories today and had a sleep after work. I woke up with no headache. I take 2 paracetamol at night plus I’m on extra 4mg of blood pressure medication on top of my usual 8. I am going to ring the hospital tomorrow as the waiting time for a letter for an appointment has passed. Thinking I might just pay the $$$ and see a private neurosurgeon. Will drink more water.

Try peppermint essential oil , I put drop on the forehead and on sides . I use DoTerra . Call the hospital , if it’s close stop by at the front desk .

You can try magnesium in some cases it works preventing headeches .

Where are you from?

South Australia. Rang the neurology department this morning. There’s still a long waiting list. Guess I’m one of hundreds so just have to wait. Private health is very expensive here and I don’t earn much as I’m self employed and 62. Can’t even get a health care card.

I understand what you are going through, waiting to find out a plan is one of the hardest things. I would recommend talking to someone about your anxieties, letting your close family and friends know warning signs, and just try to relax. If they were immediately worried they wouldn’t have let you go home. This was something hard for me to comprehend. I waited 6 weeks from the time I found out until I saw a neurosurgeon. I had a stent placed 5 weeks ago and still deal with anxiety related to pains I feel!

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Thanks so much for your reply. I am a lot better this week as I figured I didn’t know anything about this aneurysm I had before the scan so am just living each day as I did before. I rang the hospital again and it looks like an appointment is not happening anytime soon so not going to panic. I have headaches but they could be related to my neck problem as I have osteoporosis so just take ibuprofen. I understand if it was life threatening, I would have been admitted to hospital. I am appreciative of everyone’s support here and will try not to let my anxiety win. My family have been awesome with support.

I wonder if you can do some passive neck exercises? Were you ever in physical therapy? Try looking at YouTube. I do one for the arthritis and dislocated neck vertebrae that’s really helpful. I can’t explain it but I can search for something that helps if you’d like.

It’s really hard to have no insurance and it’s frustrating to work and not be able to afford it. Seems like it happens all over the world.

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Update I received a letter from the
Neurology Department of the hospital and it has been decided that I will not be added to their waiting list but to go back to my doctor to discuss options?? I am assuming they don’t consider the aneurysm to be large enough to address. Not sure whether I’m relieved or not …